The 2019 – 2020 NBA Finals Series & The Champion Los Angeles Lakers

Last night with the final buzzer of the NBA 2019 – 2020 NBA finals series game played between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat was the last game we’d likely see in the next 3,5 months or so.

We took it upon ourselves to break down the whole 19-20 NBA Finals Series with major support from our service provider InStat Basketball at the helm.

We hope you enjoy it!

The King delivered but with a helpful blow

Across the entire NBA Bubble games, we saw that team did struggle but the least among them was to obvious to make it to the finals series.

While on one side Jimmy Butler showed us all that he is by far a different breed of player and that he deservingly took the Miami Heat organization with a very new group of players to new heights, the actual story came from none other than LBJ.

With a very dim season last year and the fact that during the past offseason he felt the whole Lakers organization would be looking at him its no proverbial rabbit out of the hat case that the construct of the organization from bottom to top was at stake.

A stellar and yet expected season-long performance from LBJ (as much as it was cut short to some sense due to COVID-19) still allowed us to witness what he is capable of even with his age and physical shape being questioned by some (definitely not us)!

A Head to Head Comparison

With courtesty of InStat Basketball we dove into some of the major areas of the NBA Finals game statistically speaking.

We would like to draw your attention to the % especially on the bottom of the chart and how both teams really reacted to each other concerning offensive stretches. 

Short Offensive Lineup Look 

Here is the top lineup that the LA Lakers used across the 6 games series against the Miami Heat:

d. green, k,caldwell-pope, a.davis, l.james, d.howard

Here is the top lineup the Miami Heat went to in response to the Lakers:

T.Herro, D. Robinson, J.Butler, J.Crowder, B. Adebayo

Here is a full breakdown of the series in full Statistical measures: