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Malachi Flynn Scouting Report by Alex Brown


Malachi Flynn Scouting Report

By: Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics

With insight Via InStat

Player Profile

Age: 22.37 Years – May 10th 1998. RS Jr.

Measurements: 6’1, 185 lbs, 6’3 wingspan.

Injury Report: No Significant Injury Information Available.

Personality: Competitive and engaged, Flynn is a guy you will really like to have on your team. He has a killer instinct, wants to win, and has high self-confidence.

“When he arrived on campus, we knew he was a uniquely talented basketball player,” [Coach] Dutcher said. “What we quickly learned was that he had an intense work ethic and a team-first mentality, which endeared him to his teammates and the community.”

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Athleticism: Malachi is quick, coordinated, and “controlled” shifty. He also moves quite well laterally and has a quick first step. He does not offer much as a vertical athlete, but has the ability to finish over the rim in space (though very seldom employed).

Projected Primary Roles: P&R Initiator & Scorer – Off-Ball Perimeter Creator – Guard Defender On Ball, Positive Off Ball Defender

Projected Draft Landing: Late First – Early Second

Statistical Profile: (+34.2 Net Rtg this year – 124.5/90.3)


Career Projections:



Improvement Areas



Improvement Areas

Overall Outlook

Malachi Flynn is one of those players that genuinely excite me as a scout. For those who aren’t familiar with my values when it comes to evaluation, I tend to love players with high BBIQs (and/or a high feel) that compete on both ends. Competitiveness and intelligence are traits that I always admire (and value in myself), so when I see a player that has that along with the skill needed to be successful, sheesh. I am sold.

On the other (non-emotional) side of the spectrum, what Malachi Flynn brings to your team on the floor is undeniable. His pick and roll expertise, shooting versatility & execution, playmaking, competitiveness, and all around defensive effort/IQ are all extremely valuable tools to work with in an on/off ball guard. I project that Flynn will be a high rotation – spot starter on a good team, and could certainly be an eventual starter on a poor/mediocre team.

Swing Factors: Strength, second/third level advantage creation & subsequent finishing.