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Skylar Mays Scouting Report by Alex Brown

Skylar Mays Scouting Report

By: Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics

With Insight Via InStat.

Player Profile

Age: 23 Years (September 5th, 1997).

Measurements: 6’4, 205lbs, 6’6 wingspan.

Background: A 3 star recruit hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Skylar Mays joined LSU after a very successful high school career – securing two state championships. Throughout his four year collegiate career with LSU, Mays distinguished himself as a leader on and off the court. After teammate Wayde Sims was killed in late 2018, Mays and the Tigers made a memorable sweet-16 run, showing exemplary mental toughness & winning drive. Mays was also awarded the SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year in both 2019 and 2020, as well as the McWhorter Award. Off the court, he especially values sports science, medicine, and his very large family.

Injury Report: Nothing Major Publicly Available

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Personality: Reviews have been rather glowing regarding Skylar’s locker room presence, work ethic, and dedication to the team. He is certainly the type of player that will buy in to getting better, playing his role, and learning a new system. On top of this, he is a comfortable leader that takes pride in the relationships he develops with his teammates and coaches. He has a history of winning over coaches and teammates rather quickly, and is sure to make fans in front offices. Personality is a legitimate differentiating factor for Mays, and will be a major part of him carving out an NBA role.

Athleticism: Mays is a pretty average athlete overall for a guard. Burst is fine, but not something worth betting on for consistent advantage creation in the halfcourt. However, he can create athletic advantages in space where he can employ advanced footwork and finishes when downhill (HC) or in transition. He has shown that he can move well enough laterally to stick with some 1’s and smaller 2’s. Vertically, he can occasionally finish above the rim in space, but is not a notable vertical athlete overall on either end. He will be the type of player that relies on footwork & IQ to beat opponents. He will pick his spots well regarding finding ways to use his athleticism to create advantages, such as transition when logically applicable. 

Projected Roles: Screen Assisted Driver – Spot Up Shooter – P&R Ball Handler – Guard Defender

Projected Draft Landing: Second Round

Statistical Profile:

Career Projections:



Improvement Areas



Improvement Areas

Overall Outlook

While I have seen Mays all over boards and mocks, I would take Mays in the second round if I wanted to bring on a linking guard that will work hard, be a great locker room guy, and provide spot up and secondary P&R initiator value. I currently think he will be a complementary low rotation guy on a good team. Should he develop his off-ball game and movement shooting, he could have the ceiling of a 7th/8th man that can initiate in P&R, spot up, and shoot off movement off the bench. Definitely worth taking a shot on in the second round and developing him into a quality low-mid rotation role player. Regarding his development, I would certainly reduce the amount of isolations he has been put in and focus on maximizing his value off the ball while continuing to maximize his play in P&R. At his value maximization point, I would imagine him being a stout guard defender that can initiate in P&R and be a plus spot up threat on low-mid volume. Major Swing Factors: Movement Shooting, Finishing Versatility
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