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Malik Fitts – An International scouting Report by Alex Brown


Malik Fitts Scouting Report

By: Alex Brown @AhbAnalytics

Player Profile

Age: 23 Years, July 4th, 1997.

Measurements: 6’8, 230 lbs, wingspan N/A (though certainly a plus).

Agent: Charles Briscoe | Briscoe Sports Group

Injury Report: Nothing major or worth noting.

Athleticism: Fitts is a pretty solid athlete. His ability to play agile is notable for his size, as he is comfortable changing directions despite his below average lateral quickness. While rather rare, he has flashed an effective euro-step and spin move when slashing. In space, he can really throw down some strong above the rim finishes. His burst is rather average, but serviceable considering his shooting gravity and potential role. He has a strong frame as well.

Projected Role: Off Ball Combo Forward (both ends) – Overseas Scorer

Projected Draft Landing: Late Second Round – Undrafted

Statistical Profile:

Via Barttorvik

Career Projections:



Improvement Areas

Fitts faired best in a lower-mid usage role. His streakiness is further exemplified by the volatility here. (via Barttorvik)



Improvement Areas

Overall Outlook

Malik Fitts is an interesting case for a 23 year old combo forward with his tools. His self creation is not strong enough to bet on while being his focus, and his off ball game is incredibly streaky. Essentially, teams will want to take the best of what he does and make that his focus. It definitely is not his creation package, but rather his streaky shooting execution and closeout attacks. However, if Malik’s most useful (realistic) NBA offensive role is slightly higher usage Semi Ojeleye that doesn’t provide much on-ball defensive value and decent off-ball play, I am not sure I would pull the trigger on Fitts in the draft. I think you take a shot in UDFA at making him a consistent threat off the ball and sticking him off ball defensively while building his body and feel, and if that doesn’t work he could be a solid pickup for a good overseas league where he can play his game a bit easier.

Major Swing Factors: Shooting Consistency (can he keep this up and contribute every night in a low usage role?), Downhill Handle (can teams unlock his ability to get to that second level of finishing more often?), Playmaking (can he not kill ball movement and accept a low usage role?) All Around Defense (If he can’t provide winning value there, why have him on an NBA roster?).