Trevor Jasinsky – Scouting & Remote Film Session with Alex Brown

Trevor Jasinsky

Remote Film Room Session


Brief Scouting Report



Trevor Jasinsky is a versatile offensive weapon for a 6’7.5 wing. He can shoot the 3 at a high level and in a myriad of ways, as he is comfortable pulling up, spotting up, or creating his own shot. He is excellent off the ball, as he relocates effectively, picks his spots well, and executes. As a finisher, he has a lot of room to grow, especially with his left hand. He is not a guy that will be playing above the rim much, but will be able to use his shooting gravity and P&R skills to get to the rim at the next level. As a playmaker, Trevor has shown a lot of intriguing flashes of high-level vision and instincts. He is a wing that coaches should feel comfortable about putting the ball in his hands. While Trevor is still working on making the right reads consistently, his instincts are strong and I can only see them improving as he continues to develop.


Trevor has some defensive tools to work with, notably his high IQ and size. If he can learn to harness correct footwork, he could be a monster defender because he sees the defensive game at a high level and makes intelligent reads. He has been asked to defend a myriad of different positions over his career, and has developed interior defensive skills to pair with the ability to stick with any wing spot. While he occasionally struggles to finish plays due to footwork, he has the right mindset to be a solid defender. I do not see Trevor as a tenured defensive negative by any means in the DBL, and in time I think he could be a solid, versatile defensive wing.