Evan Boudreaux – Scouting report by (guest and long time friend of APB) Henry Yeh

AdvProBball has many friends yet over the years our true ones always come back to contribute some piece of insight. Henry Yeh is one of those amazing individuals that is still going solid on his own journey behind the scenes.

Here is his take on Evan Boudreaux:

Basic information & 4 year elementary stats:

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Skills insight:

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Similar names in basketball with comparable skills:

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Field Goal Shot Chart & Play type breakdown:

Field goals - Evan Boudreaux

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Video Breakdown of his last 10 games:


Scouting Report by Henry Yeh

Physical: Proportionate frame. Plays tougher than he looks in paint & crashing for boards. Good open floor verticality, but typically plays below the rim Intangibles: Used to be the focal point—capable of scoring bursts. Off-ball offensive interior impact. 10+ TRB per 40 all 4 yrs—relentless hustler on boards. Dutiful worker who does not give up on plays—coach’s dream
Live Shooting: Distinct 2-part stroke. Release is a bit slow for his position & role. Brings the ball a up with clear swing before shooting, making it suitable only in standstill shooting & vulnerable in catch & shoots on the move & pull-up situations
FT Shooting: Distinct 2-part mechanic. Has very good touch & makes FTs at a high rate despite some wasted shooting motion
Key Questions: Shoots worse each year—revert his shooting touch? Assertive & decisive on close-outs? Technique to guard between ball-handlers & bigs? Pick & pop coverage & other variations? Scrambles & bustles more in offense & all rebounds—be a complete 2-way hustle player? Projection: G-League spotty reserve & fringe role player. Overseas

OFFENSE: Won’t be the 1st to say that Boudreaux’s game shares many similar traits with former Purdue standout Brian Cardinal. Has taken a significantly reduced offensive responsibilities after coming from Dartmouth, but is still capable of scoring bursts. With about 85% of possessions coming evenly from range & rim, he’s used in spot-ups when not fighting down low for layups or put-backs. Shooting mechanic is sound & did not change his shooting form from his Ivy League days, but his touch has progressively gotten worse every year to a point that is just borderline passable for his role & position. Pull-up shooting is hardly an asset as he’s a lifetime low pull-up volume & low pull-up efficiency player throughout college (only 11.5% of jump shots are pull-ups in 4 yrs, 25.0 pull-up %)—ball easily bounces out of him with poor footing if he takes more than 2 dribbles. Has an under-rated mid-range baseline jumper. Needs to be more assertive & confident at catch & shoots—hesitates & turns down many of those for drives, which he isn’t quick & thorough at getting to the rim. Likes to go right, but lacks advanced drives & handles—better on-ball strength on the ground than in the air, along with limited explosiveness, which makes him get blocked too often for a role player. Has flashed some display of off-hand (left) finishes, though—& comes in handy in certain situations, but needs to do more than that to avoid unwanted denies. Pulls down offensive boards at a high rate since transferring to Purdue (2 yrs at Dartmouth: 2.7 per 40; 2 yrs at Purdue: 4.4 per 40)—making winning plays & keeping possessions alive have become a stable due to the fact he can solely focus on that because of his diminished role. Not athletic to convert put-backs in crowd, but does not give up—even scored on a put-back over 4 Central Michigan defenders through sheer tenacity. Boudreaux’s persistence is his charm, but will need to re-discover his shooting touch to cling onto meaningful minutes.

DEFENSE: Boudreaux’s has more defensive impact in man than in sets. More focused in 1-on-1s against backcourt players & most 3s—capable of containing average to slow ball-handlers & pressures with body & knows to nudge opponents toward baseline. Has below average tools & technique to guard perimeter shots & pick & pop shooters—has this stutter chop steps that he often uses, but simply lacks the force & fluidity to be positionally effective as he often looks soft & unassertive when contesting. Often takes bad angles in close-out situations—overall, more comfortable & enforcing at the interior than the exterior. High pick & rolls often give him trouble—does not react well to different contingencies such as last minute screen twists, deceptions, & is glaringly vulnerable to slip & pop actions. Also loses focus & struggles to engage in pre-ball screen activities, such as a quick DHO before the main pick & roll action. The aforementioned events can usually confuse Boudreaux & make him float around in no man’s land with passive idleness. A persistent rebounder throughout his collegiate career & becomes incrementally determinant at holding box-outs & throwing his body around against larger opponents—very good at reading the ball off of missed layups, which makes him valuable in faster tempo. Possesses much greater radius on the ground than in air—always pursues with a purpose & works hard for loose balls & 50/50 chances. Despite weaknesses in perimeter sets & shots, Boudreaux brings blue-collar mentality & intangibles on this end.

PERSONAL OPINION: Boudreaux does many things that makes him a consummate role player—while certainly not the most talented, his heart & insistence on making little things happen are something integral to many teams. Despite his persevering efforts, he’ll really need shoot well & tighten his pick & roll coverages to be a capable role player in the next level.

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