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De’Jon Davis (CBU) signs a deal to begin pro career with Beşiktaş in Turkey


The power forward that played 4 years for Christian Baptist University De’Jon Davis, known for his mobility and quickness signed a deal that will take him to begin his overseas career in Turkey.

Having played over +90 games across four seasons at a top NCAA school Davis brings in a breath of fresh air to Beşiktaş that took the decision to lower its budget for next season.

Beşiktaş already parted ways with several key players from the past season and given its reputation were seeking out a solid big man that could potentially make a splash both in the BSL as well as the European competition that they will be playing in.

A little known fact that coming into CBU Davis’ weighed about 240 pounds and by the end of his last game at CBU he finished off weighing at 225, now leaner and meaner he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Davis has had a great Senior campaign with CBU wherein he played about 29-30 games.

We dug in deeper into his performance and here are some facts and added insight:

Davis’ 78 game NCAA career shot chart:

Davis’ 78 game career play type breakdown:


Video breakdown of his game based on 19-20 season performance:


Special insight on Davis’ ball deterrence skill: