Video & Stats Talk Series 9 – Charlon Kloof

Here is the 9th player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Charlon Kloof, one of the most prolific top athletes that has carved out a very successful career out of the Netherlands.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Mr. Kloof to go over:

– During the offseason as you prepare towards getting back to play; how much do you personally watch or try to add from other players through video and statistics?

  • I personally try to pick between 3-5 players that I will study all offseason and get something that fits in my game. As far as hours a day I would say 1 hour a day, the whole summer.


– When preparing to play an opponent internationally what are three key aspects you look at when you get your assignments?

  • How can I maximize my scouting report. Where do most of the offenses take place the most, as in what sequences does the team play the most. How do their big men move defensively.


– Do you use video and stats that are different from what the assistant coaches hand you to give you an edge?

  • Yes, I like to see how players prefer to finish, if it’s at the rim or with pull-ups, left or right.
charlon_kloof career FG shot chart based on 277 career games played
Charlon Kloof’s career FG shot chart across 277 games played

– What do you prioritize when watching game film of yourself?

  • Offense awareness and defense awareness the most.
charlon_kloof career play type chart based on 277 career games played
Charlon Kloof’s career play type breakdown across 277 games played

– Throughout the season, what 3 key elements of statistics intrigue you to look into your opponent more (in terms of ranking)?

  • I focus on how a team or player scores and who the best players are and how they score.


– Do you prefer broken down game film (possession by possession) or unedited film (full game) and why?

  • I prefer broken down film.

A video highlight of Charlon’s performance across the last 10 games he played (including a special clip of his ball deterrence skills):

We’d like to thank Charlon for his time and wish him well for next season!


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