Video & Stats Talk Series 8 – F. Can Akın

Here is the 8th player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Fikret Can Akın has been a very stable guard for more than a decade in Turkish basketball. He has had countless successes with various teams and with the recent decisions in Turkish basketball and his vintage plays he has spent this past season playing in the Turkish 2nd League (he began playing for Mamak Belediyesi and transfered over to Petkim Spor [Izmir]) till the season was shut down due to the outbreak.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Mr. F. Can Akın to go over:

– During the offseason as you prepare towards getting back to play; how much do you personally watch or try to add from other players through video and statistics?

  • During the off-season honestly I have never watched any game film, I only concentrated on my training, to get in shape back strongly. I always liked to miss basketball by staying away.

– When preparing to play an opponent internationally what are three key aspects you look at when you get your assignments?

  • I usually like to watch how my opponent thinks and acts in offense and also in defense as a team. What are their priorities? What are their weakest points during the game, where are they vulnerable or stronger? And specifically, how do they make the P&R defense…

Can Akın photo 6

– Do you use video and stats that are different from what the assistant coaches hand you to give you an edge?

  • I always try to watch every game of my opponents as much as I could, so I can observe teams against other different teams in the league. As long as I know players, I am not so much interested in statistics. I follow players’ shapes and forms more by watching videos or mostly live games. So I can say I am already prepared before the team meeting.

Can Akın photo 4

– What do you prioritize when watching game film of yourself?

  • I check myself on defense more, I try to take a lesson by finding where and why I did a mistake. Offensively I try to find out when, why, and how my offensive percentage goes higher or lower.

Can Akın photo 3

– Throughout the season, what 3 key elements of statistics intrigue you to look into your opponent more (in terms of ranking)?

1) offensive ability under pressure,
2) shooting/penetration choices against closeouts of players specifically.
3) P&R defenses against different attackers.

Can Akın photo 5

– Do you prefer broken down game film (possession by possession) or unedited film (full game) and why?

  • I don’t like edits, it can be misleading. I always try to watch the whole game or some quarters but last quarter should be always there, and before that plus one more quarter might be enough. Players show effort differently with the game influence. So, watching only players’ abilities won’t be enough, you need to see the player during the game, how and why the player acts against different situations.

Can Akın photo 7

A video highlight of Can’s performance (due to copyright reasons with stakeholders involved we could only place highlights where he played in the BSL in past seasons):



We’d like to thank Can for his time and wish him well for next season!


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