Video & Stats Talk Series 7 – Kyle Allman Jr.

Here is the 7th player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Kyle Allman Jr., just completed his first season as a Pro playing abroad but our owner Mr. Duran had eyes on this young man since the SL games where Kyle was impressive and even though he went undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft its clear from watching his offensive and defensive flow he can make a major impact and has a high ceiling when it comes to creating plays.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Mr. Kyle Allman Jr. to go over:

– During the offseason as you prepare towards getting back to play; how much do you personally watch or try to add from other players through video and statistics?

I try to watch and steal things from people all the time. I watch guards in the NBA and guards playing in high-level Europe. When I watch them, try to see how they’re successful and emulate it into a way that I can be successful.

kyle allman jr. in piece photo

– When preparing to play an opponent internationally what are three key aspects you look at when you get your assignments?

I look to see how many points the person averages per game while also looking at his shot attempts to go along with it. I look at their assists and lastly, i look at their shooting percentage from 2pt and 3pt.

Field Goals - Kyle Allman
Career FG shot chart across 85 (college & pro career) games played

– Do you use video and stats that are different from what the assistant coaches hand you to give you an edge?

I use Synergy on my own to watch full game film and to go in-depth into how my opponent likes to score the ball.

Kyle Allman Jr. 85 games (pro & NCAA) career games play type break down
85 games (pro & NCAA) career games play type break down

– What do you prioritize when watching game film of yourself?

I prioritize looking less at the things I did well and looking more at the things I didn’t do well. Being a scorer, I look at how and when I could’ve gotten off the ball and made a teammate better or how I can score without having the ball in my hand.

– Throughout the season, what 3 key elements of statistics intrigue you to look into your opponent more (in terms of ranking)?

Where they rank in scoring, free throws, and field goal attempts

– Do you prefer broken down game film (possession by possession) or unedited film (full game) and why?

I prefer broken down game film. The reason being is that it shows me the things I NEED to stop. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s what the unedited film will show me, but I want to see how my opponent does his job on the floor.
A video highlight of Kyle’s performance across the last 10 games he played (including a special clip of his ball deterrence skills):



We’d like to thank Kyle for his time and wish him well for next season!


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