Video & Stats Talk Series 5 – Berkan Durmaz

Here is the 5th player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Berkan Durmaz, the agile big man of Tofaş Bursa has been steadily growing in his role and playing bigger and better with each season he has been competing in the Turkish BSL as well as within the European competition his club has been going into.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Berkan Durmaz to go over:

– During the offseason as you prepare towards getting back to play; how much do you personally watch or try to add from other players through video and statistics?
 I have lots of clips from another players. Our assistant coach Murat Yılmaz sends me variety of clips. I watch and I’m trying to add these things in my way of basketball. I always analyze myself first and then I start getting some tricks from another players.


– When preparing to play an opponent internationally what are three key aspects you look at when you get your assignments?

actually as a team we cut rosters in 2 parts. Main and role players. We focus on main players abilities first. It starts from pressuring front court to last action every step on defense have been worked and calculated. Offensively we attack their weak players or abilities to get advantage of.


– Do you use video and stats that are different from what the assistant coaches hand you to give you an edge?


Yes of course! As a club we have lots of stats and video programs to watch and analyze ourselves and opponents. As players we are watching clips before meetings and etc. this is our homework


– What do you prioritize when watching game film of yourself?

I watch best moments first. As usual I want to get more good moments in the game so I watch how I prepare these moments as a player and team. Second I watch my worst moments in the game for how can I solve these positions and not get down mentally and bounce back quicker to the game.

– Throughout the season, what 3 key elements of statistics intrigue you to look into your opponent more (in terms of ranking)?

– His 3 pt attempts and makes , this is show my opponent game style and his offensive Rebound  the two is the most important for me. These two tells too many things about my opponent. About third FT percentage for making some fouls in emergency moments


– Do you prefer broken down game film (possession by possession) or unedited film (full game) and why?

most of the time I prefer broken game because it saves my time but sometimes I want to see some positions more detailed which only available in full game. I just skip to position that I need look closer angle.


Field Goals - Berkan Durmaz
Berkan’s FG shot chart based on 233 games played U16 NMT till the end of 19-20 BSL season
Berkan Durmaz 233 games played play type data
Berkan’s play type data based on 233 games played U16 NMT till the end of 19-20 BSL season




Video Breakdown of Berkan Durmaz
Based on his last 10 games played:


Key of Berkan’s defensive game (ball deterrence):



We’d like to thank Berkan for his time and wish him well for next season!


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