Video & Stats Talk Series 4 – Mario Little

Here is the 4th player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Mario Little, the former Kansas Jayhawks player has been among the journeymen playing internationally for some time now. At 32 he is not showing any signs of slowing down or really losing any explosiveness of his game. Last season he played crucial minutes at Ifaistos Limnou B.C.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Mr.Mario Little to go over:

– What are the 5 critical aspects of your opponent you focus on?
5 critical aspects I focus on are:
1. Strong hand
2. Shooter or driver
3. Defense ability.
4. Mentality as a player
5. Quickness
mario little 4
– How do you prepare for your opponent utilizing video?
1. Either from a flash drive from the coaching staff or we.transfer app.
2. The way I prepare is by looking at what my opponent likes to do. What the team allows him to do or the team’s offensive and defensive strategy.
Field Goals - Mario Little across 113 career games
Career FG shot chart based on 113 games played

– Do you solely rely on the cuts shared by assistant coaches?

I don’t solely rely on cuts from coaches. I’ve played so many places I understand a lot about basketball. I do love to use but sometimes I use experience and familiarity with players I have experience with.
mario_little playtype data across 113 career games
Career play type data based on 113 games played

– What stats do you look at in your opponent in order to check for weaknesses?

Stats I check to find weaknesses are percentages in scoring areas (3 point, none paint 2’s and in paint 2’s)
mario little 3
Video Breakdown of Mario Little



We’d like to thank Mario for his time and wish him well for next season!


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