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Video & Stats Talk Series 3 – Can Korkmaz


Here is the 3rd player we introduce to you as a part of the “Video & Stats Talk” series.

Can Korkmaz a born and bred product of Turkish origin. Korkmaz begun his career at Pertevniyal and has only played for 5 other teams outside of Galatasaray. Now in his 3rd stint with Galatasaray his aim is to be a consistent and value-adding player for good.

We put together a number of questions sent forward by our owner Mr. Duran to Can Korkmaz to go over:

– During the offseason as you prepare towards getting back to play; how much do you personally watch or try to add from other players through video and statistics?

During the offseason most of the time I spend time on my body to stay in shape and to get stronger that’s my priority. Then I will work on a couple of moves that can be helpful to me in the future. Generally for that move, I watch personal highlights and try the reflect to my game.

– When preparing to play an opponent internationally what are three key aspects you look at when you get your assignments?

International competitions are different than local ones. Every country has its own style I think so the first thing that I look at is their way of playing their tempo. After that, I look for their weak sides and try to push them to do something they are not comfortable in doing. lastly to me the key point is the player personality. I try my find out and learn more about them if I don’t know them very well by any means.

– Do you use video and stats that are different from what the assistant coaches hand you to give you an edge?

Our staff (at Galatasaray – assuming this is Ömer Uğurata) does a great job with both. It actually depends on the opponent a little bit. Some teams can give you different thoughts every game so I analyze with that in the back of my mind and act accordingly.

– What do you prioritize when watching game film of yourself?

Mentality. I try to live that moment again and understand why I did that and with what mindset I was in to learn from it again.

– Throughout the season, what 3 key elements of statistics intrigue you to look into your opponent more (in terms of ranking)?

Field goals percentages, minutes and turnovers

Across 267 games played Korkmaz’s playtype breakdown
– Do you prefer broken down game film (possession by possession) or unedited film (full game) and why?

To me its, full game footage; because every minute has his own story so I like to watch from wider perspective.

Korkmaz’s career FG shot chart based on 267 games played


Video Breakdown of Can Korkmaz
Based on his last 10 games played:

Key aspect of Can’s defensive game (ball deterrence):



We’d like to thank Can for his time and wish him well for next season!


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