Video & Stats Talk Series 1 – Jason Dourisseau

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We decided to take a fresh approach to how players look at video and stats, how they utilize it at various points within their careers.

We begin this new “Video & Stats Talk” series with a major name: Jason Dourisseau

For those that do know him, he is beyond a champion. A class act all-round and a born and bred Nebraska Cornhusker through and through. Check out the statement and his highlights below as he shares in a very precise manner of what he thinks on the matter:

My name is Jason Dourisseau, and I have been playing professional basketball for 14 years in Europe. Over this time span (and also in college) video analysis has been instrumental in my preparation for games.

Jason Dourisseau photo 2

There are a few things I try to focus on when analyzing opponents. First is what kind of sets a team runs, and what kind of actions they rely on to score. This helps me understand my assignments in the team defensive schemes my coaches come up with. I feel being a good team defender is important in winning games, so video analysis is critical in trying to achieve this.

I also use video to try and analyze what the person I’m guarding likes to do as far as, where they normally score from on the floor, and how they score within their team’s offensive sets. If the guy is a great scorer and has a high usage rate, I try to use video to see where I can take away easy opportunities. Basically just make it as tough as possible for them to come off screens, use screens, and manufacture a quality look in a half-court setting. I try to put myself in a situation to make it tough to get the ball. If my opponent receives it, I want to get a good contest, and video helps with that by looking at tendencies of a player when they have the ball.

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Offensively, I use video to look at things like how a team guards pick and rolls, if they play aggressive ball denial, or if they play a more pack it in the style of defense. At this stage of my career, I’m more of a 3 and D guy. I make plays a lot of times off of the creations of my teammates.

Whether that is off of a pick and roll or breaking down a defender one on one and getting into the lane. I look at where help comes from, so I know where to be on the floor for a shot, or if there are cuts available to score or open another teammate up for a clean look. That’s the beauty of our game.

We all have a role to play while we are on the floor, both offensively and defensively. If done right and everyone is on the same page with this, you can have great success making it hard for your opponent to score, and manufacturing great looks on offense with a 5 man attack off of ball movement and player movement. It’s tough to do this without video analysis!

Highlights of the last 10 games played:


We’d like to thank Jason for his time and wish him all the best for next season and hope he keeps on doing what he loves to do!


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