LUKA DONCIC – VERSATILE GUARD player development video cuts with exclusive +2 hour-long insight footage

Here is number eight in our a special insight series to players we think basketball players globally can learn from by watching more.

Even prior to Doncic hitting the NBA he already had come in as a Champion with the Slovenian NMT as well as with Real Madrid in the Euroleague. So without a doubt its worth checking out how Luka Doncic at such a young age managed to be so effective in terms of scoring as well as be effective enough to play versatile guard positions with the Dallas Mavericks.

During the 19-20 season Doncic’s had the following shot chart:

Field Goals - Luka Doncic 60 games

Doncic also played based on the following play type detailing:


For anyone that would like to access the exclusive video footage that we have compiled on this player please take a look here:

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