ÖZGE YAVAŞ – KBSL star player development video cuts with exclusive insight footage

Here is our fifth a special insight series to players we think basketball players globally can learn from by watching more.

We had to get a top level Turkish player into the mix and we thought of no one better than Özge Yavaş to consider for this.

Beyond her amazing work ethic and her talent on court, Yavaş is one of the most high IQ players we have come across in the KBSL. Her talent alone can get her to play abroad but the added desire she has for winning games and playing at top level is going to prove she has a very high ceiling.

Across 26 games ranging from the KBSL and the EuroCup for Women competition here is the shot chart insight to proves just that:

Field Goals - Ozge Yavas

Within Women’s basketball its vital to recognize that detailed game boxscore breakdowns are very high in value yet we did want to share this with you about Yavaş’s game:

Ozge Yavas across 26 games 19-20 season

For anyone that would like to access the exclusive video footage that we have compiled on Sue Bird please take a look here:

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