SUE BIRD – WNBA Star player development video cuts with exclusive insight footage

Here is our fourth a special insight series to players we think basketball players globally can learn from by watching more.

We did not want to be lobsided in our player development angles and its critical to us to also share that we care about the Women’s end of basketball too.

For the first time we share critical insight on Sue Bird’s offensive and defensive game.

Across 46 games ranging from the WNBA and the US WNT games Sue Bird has been consistent to say the least here is the shot chart insight to prove that:

Field Goals - Sue Bird

Within Women’s basketball its vital to recognize that playtypes are very high in value yet we did want to share this with you about Bird’s game:

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 11.53.20
based on 46 games played in the WNBA and US WNT

For anyone that would like to access the exclusive video footage that we have compiled on Sue Bird please take a look here:

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