Şehmuz Hazer declared for the 2020 NBA Draft

Sehmus Hazer- Scouting Report

By Stefan Odea


2020 Draft Age: 21 years old

Measurements: Height 6’3.5’’, Weight 190 lbs

Background: Born in Batman on 15th of February 1999…From 16 years old started playing at Bandirma Juniors Teams… From 2015 until 2017 played for the second team of Bandirma in TBL(Turkish Second League)… In the 2017-2018 Season made his debut in TBSL(and played 22 games) and in Champions League(6 games) where he averaged 4PTS/game in 10 MPG… In 2018-2019 Season his TBSL and BCL campaigns continued, he played 37 games(started 12) and averaged 6 PTS/game in 17 MPG… The 2019-2020 was his break out season, especially in the BCL where he is in the discussion for Best Young Player Award… Played 40 games(started 27) and averaged 8 PTS in 20 MPG with some great perfomances against Big names from Europe… 19 pts against Anadolu Efes(EUROLEAGUE team), 23 pts vs AEK & 17 pts vs Hapoel Jerusalem… For the National Team played for the Juniors Team…In 2018 & 2019 played in U20 European Championships and averaged 10 pts

Injury Report: Missed some games at the start of 2019 year. Bandirma said it wasn’t injury related. Can be something about attitude. Worth finding more out.

Athleticism: Has a good body, especially his lower body. Has to put some strength in his upper body. Has some problems in body control, when he turns his hips to change the direction is a bit slow. Also his reactions are sometimes slow especially when he defends offball. Solid footwork skills, moves quick laterally. Good verticality, has a quick jump that doesn’t affect his jump height. Can get up really fast and high. Had some surprising dunks this year.

SOME ANALYTICS: Hazer showed 2 faces in this season( BCL face and the TBSL face). In Champions League, he had a decent season. That didn’t translate to TBSL, where he struggled for most of the season,with some good flashes. The difference?

BCL offensive Playtypes
Turkish BSL playtypes

Playtypes in BCL Playtypes in TBSL


In BCL he played more without ball, being a facilitator. In Turkish League 25,4% of his actions were PnR as a Ball handler and 13,5% were Isolations. On the other hand check those percentages in BCL, 18,5% in PnR BH and 10% in Isolations. In Champions League he relied more on his catch&shoots jumpshots.

I am going to analyse more his stats from CHAMPIONS LEAGUE because I see him being used as a Facilitator in the future, especially in the NBA/Euroleague. I am going to put in the brackets at the end also that stat from Turkish League, in order to see what happened when Hazer was used as a Creator more.

Also his Usage% was different: 24,3% in TBSL and in BCL he was used less with 2%( 22,3% in BCL).

STRENGTHS STATS : NOTE: There are 68 SGs in BCL and 23 SGs in TBSL.

-very involved in defense: averages 2.4 STL per 36 in BCL ( 2nd in SG RANKINGS)

averages 1.6 STL per 36 in TBSL(4th in SG RANKINGS)

-anticipates well where the ball will go after a shot: 1.4 OREB per 36 (13th SG in BCL & 2nd SG in TBSL)

  • above average in shooting efficency:TS%: 56,2%(30th SG in BCL)– 44,1%(22nd SG in TBSL)

EFG%: 55%(26th SG inc BCL)– 40.9%( last SG in TBSL)

-3 point shooting: 38.6% in BCL — 26.3% in TBSL


-Free Throws Shooting: 66% (in both competitions he shot no more than 68%)

-Turnovers: averaged 2.7 TOV per 36MIN ( 18th SG in BCL & 10th SG in TBSL)

-2PT% : 45.8% in the 2019-2020 Season.


Jumper: His wrist snap is not consistent. Usually he snaps his wrist in exterior(check his FTS). Footwork looks alright, can improve his hop shots. Sometimes he shots off balance. He is 38% in Uncontested Jumpshots… Has to be more constant in his form and put more reps in training in order for his shot to become automatic(especially in his shots off the dribble).


SHOT VERSATILITY: Shows some shot versatility. I would love to have him in the Weakside of a PnR action every possession. He is killing the defense with that shot(45% in Left Wing shots!). Good in spacing the floor on the 3pt line, he finds well the open spot. The ball handlers find him easy on their drive & kicks.

Bandirma used him in some Spain actions with Hazer being the back screener. He reads well the pop-up to the top for the shot. I would love to see the opponents show some changes in the defense to see if Hazer can read and adjust in that Spain action. Also he had some good reads in BLOB action, cheating and getting an open shot.

From off ball screens, he reads well and reacts according to what the defense gives him. Sometimes he moves slow. If he creates advantage and sees the close out coming, he makes a pump fake and shoots a one dribble pull-up.

The problems appear when the first option to shoot was stopped by the defense and Hazer has to create something stationary. There is a big problem for him. He has to train more his shot creations ability. It is easy for the defenders to anticipate what he will do or just to react at Hazer action because his ball handling isn’t so great. Only move where he is average is when he drives LH, stops spins and shoots the jumper.

Other aspect where Hazer doesn’t excel is the PnR game. He has problems in creating his own shot so the opponents choose “to live” with Hazer creating with the ball.

SHOT IQ: Not so good, especially when he is the Ball Handler. His attacks to the paint aren’t so effective(Check his paint finishes from TBSL). His pull-up game isn’t efficient. He can take some bad shots when other players are open… Sometimes on his attacks from the triple threat position when the close out is coming, he travels.

He reads well the offball game. Knows when to cut backdoor and that leads to some open lay-ups. Also Bandirma put some backscreen play for Hazer, that he reads very good and helped the team get some easy lay-ups.

What I like is that he always runs for fastbreak or transition. He is always the first man in front. That opens the court and have Hazer finish the fastbreak with an easy basket.

FINISHING: As I said before, his paint attacks aren’t so efficient (48% in paint shots). Doesn’t have a lot of finishing moves and those that he has aren’t effective.The only one where he shows some average consistency is when he drives LH, stops and pump fakes a couple of times and then goes to finish. His stops help him with that.

He has good speed that helps him get past his defender(when he chooses to drive) but when the help comes, Hazer has big problems. He even has problems with the initial defender because he doesn’t protect the ball and that allows an easy swipe.

His runner game is inconsistent. His finishing moves are limited. Always tries to use his body strength when he drives & finishes but that works with just a small number of guard defenders. When the helps comes, he gets blocked or he tries a lay-up with no precision that ends in a miss.

BALL HANDLING: A team can’t rely on Hazer to bring the ball up court. Check his last 5 games( Bandirma let the foreigners leave and that let Hazer with more minutes to play in the ball handler position). When he comes with the ball and faces some pressure, he has problems. He tries a behind the back dribble (from RH to LH) to cross the halfcourt line.

Likes to attack on his LH more than RH. A lot of his turnovers come from bad control of the ball. His dribble moves are limited. In 1on1 he tries to use hesitations, in&outs and crossovers but the defenders read him well.

Another problems that he shows is when he is attacking. He nevers changes the hand with some dribbling move. Either he goes all the way or he stops and pivots. His defenders always try to swipe the ball from him. That happens more when he goes RH. Sometimes he even drops the ball because of the pressure.

Has to develop his ball handling ability, especially some moves to change the dribbling hand and attack (right now he has just the crossover in HC and the behind the back in open court). He uses some between the legs dribbles but only when he is stationary…

PASSING: Can’t pass with his LH. Hazer is a read and react player, he doesn’t anticipates passes. He gives the extra pass on the 3pt line. Sees well the cutters, developed a good relation with #34 Hummer, finding him well on his backdoor cuts. Sometimes he misses some open shooters, trying to finish on his own.

His drive and kick game is average. Passing off the dribble has some flaws because of his lack of ball handling ability.

In the PnR, he created a good link with #33 Terry, finding him on the roll. Throwed some good alley-oop passes in this season. He looks more to the roll than to the outside pass.

Teams usually try the DROP/FLAT coverage on him because of his lack of finishing ability with the ball. Also on that coverage if Hazer sees the ballside help trying to stunt the ball, he will stop the dribble and that lets the defense match-up and neutralise any advantage that happened.

Other teams tried to go UNDER because of his pull-up game. Sometimes, Hazer tried to pull-up but wasn’t so efficient( 3/11 ). Other times he looked for the re-screen and that lead to a DROP and it happened like I said before.

Overall, he is an average passer. Can become better if he will develop his shot creation and his ball handling ability. That will open more the passing lanes and it will make the opponents change their way of defense for Hazer.


General notes: Really good defender. Has a quick footwork. Some late reaction in his hip turns. Quick hands that help him steal some balls. I think he was one of the best on ball defenders from Champions League this season. Knows how to use his hands to put some pressure on the ball handler. After he will put some strength in his upper body he can become even better defender, also that will help his switchability to improve.

Sometimes when defending off ball he is losing his focus and has a late reaction to close out. When focused he can anticipate passes and steal the ball. With that risks appear also bad reads with the wrong movement. Also goes for pump fakes on the perimeter on occasion.

Rim Protection: Not a rim protector. Unless he pre-rotates to stop the shot altogether, or to take a charge, rim protection will be non-existent for him. He doesn’t have the athletic pop(off 2 legs) to protect the rim on strong side or on the weak side, and his lack of strength(in his upper body) will hurt him on strong-side attempts.

Shot Contests: Always looks to help when in strong side and that leads to long close outs. Check the games vs Fenerbahce and vs Anadolu Efes where shooters like Mahmutoglu and Anderson knocked some shots from Hazer helping too much. If the close out is long and the ball handler, Hazer has some problems in defending that. When the close out is short and fast, he does a great job putting his hand up to contest and then he tries to contain a drive.

So when the close out is long, Hazer has problems and that also is because of his late reactions but when he is squared and ready he will do a great job defensively.

Footwork: Nice footwork. He’s quick, has very active feet, can stop and go, and change direction pretty well. Quick footwork and good use of hands do a nice job staying in front of ball handlers. Nice job contesting jumpers right after sliding. Makes problems to the ball handler when he defends the PnR. Because of the hip turns he hits the screens but recovers very fast and knows how to use his hands to stop the ball handler or to contest the jumpshot. (Check his on ball defense vs Fenerbahce from 22.12.2019, defending guys like De Colo, Ali Muhammed(ex Bobby Dixon) and Sloukas).

Does a decent job getting through screens off ball. Technique is good with the shoulder dip, but he’s not quick through the screens (especially when he’s not running before heading into the screen). Because of his late reactions he gets stuck in the screens. The use of his hands help him again, to recover some distance until the shooter.

Post Up: Has problems in defending low post. If the ball handler will choose to take a settle for a jumpshot then Hazer will contest it with ease. But if the ball handler attacks the rim with some post move, he will have problems because of his lack of reaction in hip turns. I think he can become an average post defender in the future.

Not switchable in defense. Tries decent to front the big in the post but after he gets the ball, Hazer can’t do anything. The help must come and Bandirma needs to start rotating.

Awareness: Good awareness. He does a nice job tagging weak side, stunting on ball and recovering, and his rotations appear to be good but sometimes he makes too deep. Sometimes he helps when there is no need and that leads to an open shot.

He balances bad the paying attention to his man and the action. Sometimes he overcommits to his man and doesn’t see the backscreen that he will get or the drive that will happen near him. Other times he overcommits in watching the ball handler or helping there and that leads to a backdoor cut or an open 3pt shot. Needs to balance better those 2 aspects.

Does a nice job playing the passing lanes and making quick moves to the ball (hands are active with deflections and steals).


1) Playing without the ball

2) On ball defense

3) Footwork and use of hands


1) Shooting (pull-up game & free throws)

2)Finishing near the basket

3) Ball handling ability

4)Focus when defending off ball


Sehmus Hazer is an interesting prospect. I think he has a great potential to be a good 3&D player, starting even from next season. Can be a great facilitator playing without the ball, spacing the court, fighting for the offensive rebound(in offense) and putting pressure on the best creators of the opponent, making their life hard, be present in the passing lanes to steal the ball (in defense).

Obviously he needs to develop his ability of creating his own shot off the dribble and his ball handling ability if he wants to be more than a role player.

I think he can be a steal in the NBA DRAFT(this year or next year) because that’s what NBA teams look for: a role player to space good the floor who makes the 3pt shot at a high percentage and fights hard in defense, especially in on-ball defense where Hazer excels. The team that drafts him can even let him play another season in Europe in order to develop his shot creation more.

If he will remain in Europe, he would be a great fit with a team that has a High Usage Point Guard that will find Hazer open on the 3PT Arc. I would like to see him playing in the Euroleague. That will develop even more his on-ball defense because he will play against great guards on a nightly basis. Also he will need to be consistent in his shot creation ability because the teams would adjust and let Hazer play with the ball knowing he isn’t efficient.

If he will get drafted, he can be a good fit to a team with a great creater that always looks to make the right play. Can be a good facilitator off the bench that plays gritty defense.

Major Swing Factors:

1) Consistency in Shot Creation(in paint&pull-ups)

2) Ball Handling Ability

3) Focus in Off Ball Defense

Video Breakdown of Şehmus Hazer’s game:



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