Yam Madar – A Euroball / NBA Draft Prospect Scouting Report by Stefan Odea

Since the immense response of positive feedback we got with regards to Stefan’s scouting profile on Theo Maledon we have asked him to do a couple more for our site and here is the second report he has come up with on none other than Israel’s next big name.

Below is a playtype breakdown and a video breakdown that is garnished by us at Advance Pro Basketball:

Yam Madar playtype breakdown based on his last 29 games



Yam Madar


Stefan Odea


2020 Draft age: 19.5 years old

Measurements: Height 6’2’’, Weight N/A

Background: Born in Beit Dagan on 21st of December 2000…From 2018 he plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv senior team in ISBL(Israel First League)…In his first year in Israel, Madar played 34 games for Hapoel Tel Aviv as a back-up point guard averaging 3 PTS and 1 AST in just 10 MPG… In the summer of 2019, Madar won the Gold with his homecountry in the U20 European Championship (averaged 16/8/3), being selected in the BEST 5 of the tournament…The momentum continued in the 2019-2020 Season where he played 24 games(started 6 games) averaging 8 PTS and 3 AST in 21 MPG playing against grown men…

Injury Report: No public injury information available.

Athleticism: Madar is undersized for a point guard at 6’2’’,  he has decent quickness, but is not a very explosive player. Has long hands that can help in a lot of situations(especially in defense). Not strong enough to finish through contact against other guards. MUST add strength in his upper body, it will help him develop his finishing moves and his on-ball defense. Average in body control/coordination, especially in defense. In general, his footwork is decent. Madar can be better if he will improve his coordination.


-below average in Shooting(59th in TS% and 69th in EFG% in the League)

-gets to the FT line a lot, for his height (34th in FT/FGA with 0,33)

From 3 FGA he gets 1 FT(which he shots at a 77%)

-good passer(averages 5.3 AST per 36 min,14th in the league)

Can be even better in the future because he will cut down his TOV (2.9 TOV per 36 MIN)

-average in USAGE%  (52nd in the league)

Madar is in the top 15 in AST per 36 MIN while being average in USAGE. In the close future when he will get more games under his belt and will add some strength, he can be one of the best passer in the league.



Clever ball handling ability, he knows how to use changes of pace and hesitation to get past his defenders. Shows maturity in his ball handling. In 1v1 situation he gets past his defender with ease, using a change of pace. Likes to attack on LH because of his fast first right cross-step.

Flashes some problems when he is being pressured(especially in HEDGE/SHOW coverage in PnRs). He either stops the dribble and overthinks a pass or the ball gets deflected from his dribble(check @Maccabi Rishon 28.12.2019).  Sometimes he overthinks the action and that will cause a turnover. Madar has also problems with big/long defenders. It is hard for him to get by them.


Below average in finishing near the rim. Usually tries the one foot/two feet runner because of his height, but is not efficient in those. If he gets past his defender and the help doesn’t come he will finish with no problems, but if any help comes(doesn’t matter his size) Madar will have big problems in finishing. His lay-up packages is not even average because of his lack of strength. His only finishing move that he delivers on an average level is when he drives LH, stops, spins and shoots a quick jumper.

If he will develop some finishing packages, it will open more the passing lanes and with his vision, Madar will make more assists.


MUST develop his shooting ability(only 28% on 3pts) in all aspects. This season he was just 13/42 in Catch&Shoots and 14/45 in Pull-ups. His mechanics looks OK, sometimes he uses the LH too much. Also in some pull-ups he doesn’t follow through all the way and that makes his shot usually short.

In 1v1, it  is hard for him to create off the dribble, because of his lack of strength. The defender just stays prepared to contain his LH attack and if he sees that Madar gets ready to shoot, he just has to contest it in order to make it low percentage.

He is not used to shoot from off-ball screens.

Madar has to become more efficient in creating his own shots if he wants to become a starting Point Guard in one of the top leagues in Europe. That will also open more opportunities to pass.


Has a good passing ability. I love to watch his drive&dish game. He is very creative and good in that, especially from when Hapoel Tel Aviv brought Williams as their big guy. Him and Madar have a great connection. Reads great the court and reacts clever depending on which situation he faces.

Sometimes anticipates where the help will come from and will deliver the assist in no time. This will bring also some turnovers that are coming from the overthinking of the situation.

His inside and outside passes are well balanced.

Another good thing that he does is that he always looks to pass ahead in transition and to help his team get an easy basket.

Only pass that he doesn’t control well is the over the head pass when he is in the air. That gets stolen easy because of his height. He should always keep his dribble alive, for him to be a threat to score the basketball, and also because of his great vision.


Good PnR player as a passer. He finds well the open guy, that is why opponents look to not rotate so much when Madar is the ball handler or just switch the PNR.

Against FLAT/SIDE coverages, likes to attack and dish. He reads great the passing lanes. The problem is when the defense lets him create his own shot. That is when Madar has big problems. He must become a consistent jumpshooter.

Against SWITCH coverages, his only chance is to pass to the other mismatch in the post. He finds good that pass. If that pass is covered, and he will turn to attack the mismatch himself

Madar will have big problems. Check the game with Maccabi (on 26.01.2020) where they were switching and their big guys were even staying far from Madar letting him take the shot.

Against AGGRESSIVE coverages, he has problems in keeping control of the ball, that leads to turnovers. Not so many teams tried to defend him by hedging ot showing on the PnR because of his lack of shot creations.



Has a good potential to become a lockdown defender. He has a good footwork but sometimes gets on his heels and loses time. He should use his hands more to put some pressure on the ball handler and to cover some passing lanes.

He has problems with guards that can handle the ball very well and that make quick changes of directions. Check him vs Ohayon(from Unet Holon) on 15.02  and vs Blatt and Brown (from Hapoel Jerusalem) on 31.01.

I like his mentality to pick up the opponent’s guards from the backcourt and make them work to cross the halfcourt.

If the other team will post him up, Madar’s team will always have to rotate because he can’t defend the post up right now. He needs to add some upper body strength in order to be more effective in that aspect.


Always ready to make effort, to go close out, or to help on some drives. Sometimes he helps too much on the drives and that leads to a long close-out for him. He needs to be more consistent and focused on the close-outs, putting his hand up to contest the shot.

Not much potential as a rim protector, which shouldn’t be surprising given his lack of height and vertical pop. He walls up correctly to protect the rim but he is too small to put problems down the basket.

In rotations, he reads well and because of his overhelping, Madar will always be ready to rotate if a player gets by his defender. Sometimes he anticipates where the pass will go and will make the steal. That leads also to some turnovers because of the risk that he takes.

Has some problems in chasing the shooters off screens because of his technique or his lack of focus. That is because he doesn’t watch what his match-up does. He is too focused on the ball handler. That will lead to some backdoor cuts.

Also Hapoel uses to play zone defense and Madar is always put on the top part on a side. That means he has to cover a lot of distance and always be ready to run and contest the jump shots.


Shows flashes of potential getting over screens, but is not consistent. He has problems with the moment when he gets ready to go over the screen. Sometimes his footwork has a perfect timing and makes that ballscreen inefficient but in other times he doesn’t commit when it should and he hits the screen. Madar has to be more focused to react faster when the screen comes.

When he plays from behind, the ball handler jails him and because of his lack of strength he can’t do anything. I think he can improve his using of the hands in this situations. That will put some pressure on the ball handler(if he wants to shoot) and block some passing lanes(if  he looks for the pass)


Madar is eaten alive on the inside whenever he was switched to defend the big… He can’t make a difference there not even boxing out the big  man when the shot is taken.


1) Court Vision

2)Passing Ability


I think Madar has a winner mentality. He is not afraid of the big moments(end of games). I saw some brave decisions from him in the end of games. Ok, sometimes he overthinks and takes rushed decisions but after he will gain more experience, can be a good weapon the end of game situations.

4)Defense (can be even better in this aspect if he will use his hands more)


1) Strength and Athleticism(especially in his upper body)

2) Shooting (catch&shoots, pull-ups), Needs to be more consistent.

3) Turnovers (averaging 3 TOV per 36 MIN) – needs to lower to ones caused by his ball control when he is pressured

4)PnR Scoring


Yam Madar is long-term prospect with a winner mentality that has a high ceiling. In time, he projects to be a really strong initiator with a great IQ and feel for the game. Also has a big potential defensively.

Next season I would want to see him play at an NBA team(even though it is hard for the 2020 NBA DRAFT) or at an European Team that plays in the European Competitions  (Euroleague, Eurocup or Champions League) because he will get a lot of experience (from the big number of games) and also will face a lot of adversity, playing against teams from different countries and this will help his game a lot.

Needs to improve his strength (upper body) and to develop consistency on his shots.

After he will be improved in those 2 aspects, Madar can become a great PG at a team with high ambitions. Good shooter, great passer and can be one of the best defenders in Europe.





3)Being able to create his own shot( Jumpshots & Near the Rim)


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