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Theo Maledon – NBA Draft prospect by Stefan Odea


First of all we want to acknowledge that this report has been diligently prepared by Stefan Odea he is the video scout and analytics guy for Dinamo Stiinta Bucharest hence we hope you enjoy the report.

we have garnished with some play type insight as well as the video below:

Playtype insight:

Video Breakdown of Theo Maledon’s game across EL games he has played this season:

2020 Draft Age:18 years

Measurements:6’5″, 174 lbs,6’8.5 wingspan

Background:Born in Rouen,France on 12th of June 2001…Until 2017 he played in NM1(third-tier league in France)…In April of 2017 he played in Jordan Brand Classic Global Showcase where he scored 15 points…From the summer of 2017 Maledon started playing for the Juniors team of ASVEL(in U21 League)…Made his PRO A debut in September 2017 vs Cholet…Won gold at U16 Euro Championship (averaged 15/5/3) and silver at U17 World Cup (11/6/4)…In 2018-2019 his team won the French Cup and Pro A League with Maledon getting the French Cup Finals MVP…He was selected in the All Star game and won the Pro A Best Young Player Award while he started half of the games…In 2019-2020 he was averaging 17 min/game while scoring 7 pts per game and dishing out almost 3 assists…ASVEL was 21-4 in PRO A, 10-18 in Euroleague and lost in the Final of Leaders Cup

Injury Report: Shoulder Injury in October 2019(kept him out for 1 month)

Athleticism: Good frame to add strength, long arms for a PG (6’8.5 wingspan).  Solid hips, but extra steps in the turn can slow him down. Not very quick laterally, does not beat the ball handler to his spot very often because instead of doing a “running” step in defense he uses the slide when his man attacks. Sometimes he has a bad coordination of his arms&legs.


30th in FT/FGA – 0.36                  over average in driving to create FTA

42nd in AST/TO -1.68                  over average passer(will be better with more experience)

33rd in HOB -0.206                      In his 17 MPG he is an important piece of the offense,

32nd in USG%-23.5%    takes a lot of decisions and contributes in ASVEL’s offense(PTS&AST)

95th in TS% -56.3%                     average shooter, with experience will start choosing better

91st in EFG% -52.8%                   his shots and will improve his jumpshots percentage



Has problems when he comes with the ball for HC set offense and his defender is physical with him. Some teams tried to double team him (@Barcelona)  and they forced some turnovers with that.

In the HC, handles well the ball, he likes to use hesitation moves and changes of pace.

Doesn’t have crazy moves but uses very good and clever what moves he knows.

Beats his defenders in 1on1 with his fast first step especially on RH.


Efficient in RH drives. With his fast first step he blows by his defender with ease and finishes fast and simple if the help doesn’t come. If the help comes his finishes are decent and has a big variety on them( wrong foot, scoops/under the arm of defender, delayed/off-timed finishes…). Has a good body control when he makes contact with his defender, keeping his balance for the lay-up.

Has shown some solid floaters off one foot and two when the lane is open.

Below average on LH drives. Opponents are forcing him left because he doesn’t read well the floor on his LH.


Solid mechanic on the jumper but he doesn’t have a quick release. I would try to speed up his release just a little bit, because the hard contests seem to disturb him.

Knocks down jumpshots with ease if he has time to make the dip&shoot.

Being pressured makes him an inconsistent shooter.

Has a good footwork when he runs off screens (the sample was little) and makes a 1-2 lead in or quick hop but if he feels the defender near, his shots become inconsistent.

His pull-up game is average, when Maledon has space and time(defender goes under on screens or is giving him space in ISOs), he makes those shots with no problems but as I said before if he is feeling pressured the pull up becomes inconsistent.


Good passer, but doesn’t have crazy/special vision passes. Reads well the passes from the PnR. He is a “read the court and then pass” player.

Sometimes when he drives he overthinks and gives the pass too late to the open guy and that results in a turnover or a bad shot from that player.

Maledon knows his athleticism is not at a high level and does a good job using technique to get around the weakness to help set up passes. Does a nice job utilizing hesitations, fakes, and change of pace to manipulate the defense when setting up passes on drives. Sometimes the pass is late and that leads to turnovers (Averaging 3.8 TOV per 36min, 8th in Euroleague but besides that he is over average in AST/TOV so a lot of room to improve).


Good PnR player as a scorer and passer. However he does not put that much pressure on the rim, while he still attacks the paint, he misses driving lanes and when he gets inside the paint. Sometimes looks uncomfortable handling pressure/facing bigs, leading to turnovers.

Versus aggressive defense he always makes the good pass to the roller. Teams look to defend him with a flat coverage to let him create his shot. On the LH, he is not so efficient usually trying either a floater or a pull-up. On the RH, he likes to drive and finish or dish. He is efficient on RH but sometimes overthinks the pass and gives it a little bit late. If he reads too late the defender gets back to him and that is a problem.

If the defense goes under or the defender gets stuck in the screen for long, Maledon looks for his shot that he shoots consistent because of the time to make his mechanics.




Most of the time he is far from his defender because is afraid to be beaten. Could put more pressure on ball with his long hands. Because of his lack of strength, he has problems with big bodied guards (in post-ups or in 1on1 from the 3pt line).

When the ball handler dribbles, Maledon starts sliding and that makes him have a slow footwork.

Needs to stop biting fakes, hesitations and dribble moves.


Shows some flashes rotating off ball to get in front of drivers or on the perimeter to the open shooter, but needs to be more consistent. Part of the issue with rotation is he is simply not quick enough to react and athletic enough to get to where he has to be.

Sometimes he sees pretty clearly where he has to be, but reacts late so he can’t contest the shot well enough to make a difference. Does a pretty good job tagging and recovering, though can sometimes sink too close to the roller.

Sometimes he has bad footwork in denying his man or in stunting the shooter because he uses his outside foot (which makes him turn with his back to his man) and that leads to an easy back door pass or an easy shot.

He can pay too much attention to the action by ball watching, sinks too far into the paint, and then has to scramble out to his man. That makes a late close out. Sometimes he puts late his hand up in the close out.


Shows flashes of potential getting over screens, but is not consistent. Because he is always far from his man, he always hits the screens and starts playing from behind. The slightest bump forces him to play from behind.After that he tries to get back into play, but he’s usually not fast enough to get fully back to the ballhandler.

He must improve use of length from behind the ballhandler because he has that long hands. Not switchable – is eaten alive on the inside whenever he was switched to defend the big…in addition to being slight, he doesn’t play physically. Tries to contest the post up by walling up but sometimes he fouls.


1)Court vision

2)Passing ability (can be even better with more training and games)

3)Length (long body and long hands)

4)Pick and Roll game (scoring and passing)


1)Defense (On ball, off ball and in the PNR)

2)Footwork (in Offense and in Defense)

3)Athleticism and Strength (will improve with training)

4)Left Hand liability


Maledon is a long-term prospect with a high floor and higher ceiling. In time, he projects to be a really strong lead initiator with an incredible IQ and feel for PnR. His shot is buyable, but will need time to take it to a higher level.

Needs to improve his athleticism and strength and to start learning the footwork in defense.

In my opinion, in a couple of years after he will make his body stronger and will get experience in the NBA, Maledon can be a starting PG with good statistics. He can become a Star-Role player at a team with high ambitions. Good shooter, passer and above average defender that will finish efficient in the paint with a variety of moves.


-Athleticism and Strength

-Defensive awareness and footwork

-Shot development(make it faster) and LH drives


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