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James Wiseman – Video Scouting Report (AdvProBball)

James Wiseman

Having only played 3 games with Memphis this season and then taking the decision to wait out for the draft was a case that shocked us to be honest but this young 18 year old has the talent and the body that can make him a lethal threat at NBA level.

With amazing upside under the rim and a defensive force rebounding are plus points but on the downside, athleticism is not there yet and that might hurt him in the long run.

In any case with all the hype that is surrounded with Wiseman, he will likely be a Top 3 Draftee.

Here is a close look at the 3 game stretch he played with Memphis:

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The Advanced Boxscore we pulled out on Wiseman based on the games he played:

The Field Goal Shot Chart that we tracked based on the 3 games he played in total:



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