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Suspension of Leagues across the globe and our perspective as a brand

Dear All, as a primary source of analytics, scouting and basketball stats expertise we thought we would share some insight into what we have planned for the up and coming future based on the COVID19 virus.

As most of our followers and executives that take away a lot of insight from us we felt the need to address things:

As of yesterday the WHO officially addressed the virus as a PANDEMIC:


In more pressing news the NBA had to officially suspend games since Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for the virus and furthermore can be read through the official NBA website too:

Following suit, The Euroleague Players Ass. shared a declaration on social media requesting the Euroleague to also suspend any further games which can be read here further: (direct link to article)

The fact that two of the top leagues and further leagues that require extensive travel will likely have to do so will mean a major blow as the second half of the season for almost all the sport falls in major jeopardy, yet somethings are beyond basketball.

At Advance Pro Basketball as much as our general focus is to highlight performance and helping out respective clients as well as make sure that our staff and their families remain safe we also take responsibility to inform our close surroundings that utilize us as a source too.

With all the above in mind while we will focus on placing information that relates to basketball and performance to its full extent as our brand has done so far. Given the suspension of leagues that we follow, we would kindly like to request all our followers and those that are in contact with us to place in any requests to us so that we can keep the focus on the game we all love.

Our general inquiry email  is always open to you all.

Kindest regards,


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