The HAPP”ening” in Europe

Back in June ’19 we covered the budding career of Ethan Happ as he took his talent to Olympiacos where he signed a deal with to pursue his first Pro contract.

19 games in and Ethan currently is on loan playing amazing games in the Italian LBA Serie A for Vanoli Cremona.

Back when we initially got wind of Ethan thanks to Alex Brown and his insightful page AHB Analytics we had a gut feeling that this young big man had the tools to make things happen.

So with 19 games behind him we wanted to take a deeper look at how he has been doing on both ends of the floor so far.

Shot Charting across 19 games:

Field Goal shot chart across 19 games in Europe - Ethan Happ

Much of his career as a college player Happ was a solid inside player and this translated well and stood the same on the court in Europe too…

Pick & Roll success!

Pick'n'rolls on Offense - Ethan Happ

Happ’s offensive prowess, the style of play in the LBA Serie A that Vanoli Cremona plays and how he opens up options for his teammates translated well too as we see the number of PNR he has been involved in so far.

Video Breakdown of Happ’s game: 

When looking at Ethan Happ’s overall game, it does not amaze us that his athleticism and basketball IQ do standout. It’s worth mentioning that a major point of improvement for this young man will be developing offensive weapons from the mid-range as well as from behind the arc so that he can stretch the floor much more.

A very big reason why a lot of teams including Olympiacos considered Happ as a threat in Europe was the fact that he has a solid nose for the offensive board. As a young big man that plays predominantly under the rim on both ends of the floor Happ can sus the ball out better than a whole range of bigs and thanks to added attributes can create outlet opportunities at times that are unexpected.

At Advance Pro Basketball; we all knew that scoring under the rim was no issue for Happ initially but what did amaze us as we took a closer look was the speed at which Happ turns and finds positioning is pretty good and if he can add range to his current bag of tricks and moves, he will no doubt have a long-lasting career moving forward.

Another point that did stun us was that aside from offensive boards Happ can at times do more than deter the ball and close off angles and steal the ball pretty well too.

The most expected part of Happ’s game is the fact he is a very solid defensive rebounder that can grab the much needed 7-8 solid boards and be a force of deterring players with hands up under the rim…

The fact that as a big Happ can dish the ball at angles and positions that are tough makes his game that much more appealing.

Overall Conclusion

Ethan Happ has a good situation going currently in Italy with Vanoli Cremona however we definitely think it’s worth taking note that after this season this player will definitely have eyeballs on him.

Blocking the ball and being a force that does more than just stealing or rebounding will open up his game defensively no question about it.

Offensively speaking, he needed two to three moves as a mid-range game develops and maybe an outside shot will make Happ an elite level player for the near future.

It’s worth mentioning that the sample size we did encounter was just 19 games so far and while the former all-time leading rebounder of Wisconsin will have suitors at his doorstep this summer in any case, we think that a league like the LNB (France) or BBL (Germany) might be a very good fit for him in terms of pace, playstyle that many teams should take a look at him.


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