Furkan Haltalı – The next BIG for Turkey? A Euroball insight report

Standing tall at 6’10 Turkish big man Furkan Haltalı, is definitely an asset for his club team Bandırma BK. The added fact that he is JUST 16 years of age makes him a full-on work in progress.

The amount of upside this young talent has and the further case that he officially can declare for the 2024 NBA Draft is among the notable parts of his situation.

Digging into this young man’s game and how he has been keeping up in the Turkish BSL and the BCL playing this season has shown us how his development can further be established.


Scoring, Offensive Rebounding & Steals

For a 16-year-old he has a strong back to the basket game and the added fact that he can handle playing against players such as the likes of Morgan (KSK), Moerman (Anadolu Efes), Pleiss (Anadolu Efes), D.Williams (Fenerbahçe) and Semih Erden (KSK) gives further hope that this player can learn how to play with finesse once he gets a chance to develop his mid-range game.

In terms of creating putback/2nd chance opportunities against other big men, he plays against the fact that he utilizes his size and also stays BIG under the basket goes to prove that he already has been given the correct upbringing to play the right way.

As a big man, Haltalı, has the athleticism and the know-how to post and touch balls allowing him circumstances to be able to get steals, if he can manage to create added opportunities for such possessions he can become an added offensive asset in the future.

Blocks, Deterrence & Defense

Due to power and strength bursts, Haltalı really can effectively get positioning to the point that allows him to get good blocks against fast guards. With the added experience that he likely will have after this season under his belt, he needs to grasp that shuffling his feet more and being able to play quick and not just fast is also a part of his game that needs to grow.

The actual point that makes him a force to be reckoned with and likely the 8 to a 10-minute player that creates relief for his team at critical turning points in games is his defensive rebounding. He gets into great rebounding positioning and sets himself up to get the ball directly to guards around him.

Points of further improvement

Watching Haltalı’s game closely a theme that occurs that he needs to work on to become a solid big playing about 30 minutes is the off the dribble move, let us consider that this 16-year-old has only been really playing high-level basketball for roughly 10 years and developing finesse moves such as a quick one dribble to the basket power move takes not just immense practice but in-game opportunity we think its all but usual that he will eventually get better at this, the movement basic is there it’s just that feet quickness needs to pick up so that beyond bouncing the ball at the correct time delivers a rightful result in an FG opportunity to convert.

A part of the offensive game a lot of players always struggle with on either end of the floor is generally passing the ball blindly without really seeing team-mates, while it did not take us long to find an example for this in Haltalı’s game film, it’s worth noticing that getting the rebound is the hard part in positioning is there, again the keyword being the finesse move of passing properly needs to settle into the young man’s game style.

As a young big man, Haltalı has a very solid shooting form staticly that can translate into a mid range game, developing this may take time and confidence is a major part of youth development players to work on.

Again, in terms of a young-big-man Haltalı can set himself up to succeed in becoming a predominate scorer if his speed on the offensive end grows to the point where he doesn’t just fake out opposing bigs with just a power move, speed in the modern-day game has become a critical part to develop and while the stigma of developing the big man game has become so much so a pawn game where certain bigs really struggle to do in just the amount of time, it’s worth taking note that filling out niche gaps in the game is also vital.

Our final point on Haltalı is the fact that in terms of fouling opposing players due to missing foot speed will develop fast. Quickness is an element that grows very steadily in off-season workouts and strength and conditioning sessions during the course of the season.

Our overall conclusion is that as long as Haltalı gets the opportunity to play at the highest level, development can be seen further. Taking bigs such as Haltalı to the next level really is just a matter of time. In terms of a few intangible sides that video might miss on its worth noting that his passing game and in-game IQ really does remind us of when Nicola Jokic began his career so if he can live up to the comparison, we might see a new type of big man coming out of Turkey in the next few seasons.


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