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Synergy Sports Tech sold off to Atrium Sports what this means for basketball analytics in Europe

On the basketball end of the acquisition of Synergy by Atrium Sports, this plainly means the following: while Executive marketing manager for Synergy has not officially confirmed it YET, however, its is likely that Synergy Sports Tech will be pulling back its main resources from across the globe with the exception of the NBA and NCAA clients that it services.

While it has been contemplated that many European teams and scouts that currently utilize or have active accounts the purpose of use outside the US will really be relevantly lowered down.

While companies such as Hudl (Krossover which was recently acquired by Hudl too), Scouting4U, our very own 3rd party service provider InStat Basketball among several other full-service platforms can utilize the gap that this will create.

In perspective, this acquisition is very fitting; so much so to the point that over the last year or so the number of unknowns, the pricing point, and support that Synergy was offering to its global clientele really had been suffering.

Will this mean that Synergy Sports Tech under new management will cut costs and let go of a number of its personnel? That is still to be seen but, again while still unconfirmed rumors from the head office of Synergy Sports Tech have pointed out that by the end of this current season no longer international support will be offered and international accounts will no longer be renewed.

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A follow up that occured:

After we initially were not able to get any insight or response from either Synergy Sports Technology nor from Atrium Sports; Anna Parisi the Brand and Communications Director for Atrium Sports got in contact with our ownership and requested us to share the following insight:

We still are very curious though based on pricing & almost non-existant support to international clients and coverage issues of video league-wide among other things how this can possibly occur. We can only wish Atrium Sports all the best in their endeavors.

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