Andy Rautins playing Euroleague again! (Signs with Panathinaikos)

Andy Rautins, long time Euroball sharpshooter, former New York Knicks draftee and Syracuse SG signs a deal that takes him back for an exciting stint at Panathinaikos.

Rautins played for Bahçesehir Koleji last season in the Turkish BSL and made a solid impact on his team.

Coach Pitino who recently has had a good turn around with the duo of Calathes & Ferdette, now bringing in Rautins is looking at adding some added firepower in order to spark the bench a bit more obviously.

With an average age of +27 of Panathinaikos, Rautins does pull up the age of the team but given his experience, movement without the ball and how to slash and cut through screens it makes up for a good amount of scoring that can be generated.

Across 249 career games we have been able to locate going back to 2010 here is a closer look at his shooting chart:

Field Goals - Andy Rautins

Video breakdown of his offense and passing:

His inside scoring across 29 games gives insight on how well he moves without the ball and manages to find holes in the defense as well as find uncontested and contested situations.

By far Rautins’ more known talent is the fact that he can prolifically score from beyond the arc and the above highlight clip shows off this skill across the last 29 games he has played. When watching look at how he moves to take a position as well as how his high release.

In this final clip, we see how Rautins can add needed ball distribution and defensive deference when needed. Take into account that Panathinaikos is in the top 5 of the Euroleague of assists as a team with 19.1 assists a game. On the other hand, in terms of steals Panathinaikos is 10th across the Euroleague with 6.41 steals a game.


Last season across 29 games Rautins averaged a 19.91 USG% which was above the league average of 18 for his respective position. He also contributed 2.58 WinShares last season which fell just shy of the league average for his position of 2.60. This is by far a great pick up for the Euroleague and Greek League’s current top team as of 9.1.20 (with 12 wins / 2 losses).

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