Shane Larkin & the Turkish NMT fit?

A 5’11 fiery PG that can flat out score and take over a game in an instant. Son of the former baseball great Barry Larkin, Shane had always been in his father’s shadow till he came into his own and took Anadolu Efes last season to the Euroleague finals.

A few weeks ago reports and news broke out that the Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) came about with intentions of having Larkin a naturalized citizen to get him to play for the NMT.

Historically speaking players such as Emir Preldžić, Bobby Dixon and lastly Scottie Wilbekin and others were preferences by the TBF in their quest to make a run either for the World Championships or Olympic tournaments.

While success and options of homegrown talent adjustment have always been at the heart of the Turkish NMT program and inner growth has always been sought after, the added fact that a need scoring force comes in handy makes the naturalized player status that much more important for teams of Turkey’s stature.

Where does Shane Larkin fit in?

  • Scoring (drives, 3pt range, assisted points)
  • Added leadership
  • backcourt defensive pressure

Video breakdown of his game over the last 5 games:

Stats that support what he brings to the table (Shane Larkin’s last 5 game statistics):

06_01_2020_Shane Larkin


Shane Larkin can no doubt be a much-needed addition to what Ufuk Sarıca can work with given the up and coming FIBA window, in both the short term and the long run.

The question is left whether the TBF can finalize things to get Larkin to play for the Turkish NMT.

With Larkin’s recent success and rise it’s hard to look past that this young man could not find a more solid spot in the NBA but made such a major impact in Europe.

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