Johnathan Williams III – A prospective Euroball return?

I initially scouted Williams when he was in his final year in HS in Tennessee when he made the All American Max Prep list. It was obvious back then that this young man had a lot of upside and that he could make a good impact with the growing work ethic he was being instilled.

Jump forward to the 2018 Draft and Williams went undrafted in a draft class that I thought he had a legitimate chance in to become a backup center on a solid NBA roster however none of the executives really saw the amount of growth he underwent at Gonzaga (Junior year) and he snuck in the SL and managed to the Lakers.

Offers began coming in and he landed in the Israeli Winners League with Maccabi Rishon where he had a few good performances recently at the beginning of the season but one thing led to another and Williams ended up getting a call back from the NBA.

Here is short look at his last 5 games scoring, assists and blocks:

When you eliminate the past European experience he had, I took a look at the past 125 games he played across college and various NBA chances and here is what pops up:

05_01_2020_Johnathan Williams 125 game stats

Its worth taking note that his pre-shot combinations and various shots that go up and up with each game and various cases he goes into.

This makes it worth much more that he is a fitting player more suited towards European style of play where bigs get more looks and can power down when needed.


Many Euroleague, EuroCup and even Basketball Champions League teams are heavily seeking out defensive and offensive scoring options at this time of the year. It will be interesting to see where Williams could potenitally land in Europe if not go further East…

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