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Malcolm Thomas signs a deal with Fenerbahçe Beko

1988 born Thomas is the son of former basketball player Malcolm Thomas Sr. a former (1985 NBA Draftee).

Due to the NBA lockout back in 2011 Thomas ended up signing a rookie deal in the Korean Basketball League that earned him 350K which was one of the highest recorded amounts during this period.

Career Progress so far:

We have found 266 games we went through and here is the career stats line based on these games:

The last time he played in Europe:

We did dig deeper and during his last 10 games of playing with Khimki we came across an interesting FG shot chart:

Known as an athletic big that plays predominantly a face-up style of game, Thomas was a San Diego State graduate where he played alongside Kwahi Leonard. Little known fact that Thomas has taken certain game moves from the Finals MVP last season.

Video Breakdown of last 10 games with Khimki:

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Another known fact is that Thomas has been around the block with several times. His experience at 30 years old.

Fenerbahçe Beko 27 vs. 27:

The given situation that Fenerbahçe Beko has been struggling with inside plays, as well as overall point production, has been evident.

We did a bit of a head to head comparison between Fenerbahçe Beko over the first 27 games of this season versus the first 27 games of last season and there is a very evident drop in terms of point production and the fact that the team has been trying to make it up by converting 3pt shots. One very unusual situation that we did come across that Coach Obradovic has improved on has been the use of possessions from last season which was at 77.41 possession across 100 possessions a game versus 79.82 possessions over this season’s first 27 games.

What Malcolm Thomas will likely bring to Fenerbahçe Beko?

Coach Obradovic has never been a fan of mid-season transfers due to the fact that it disrupts team chemistry a lot but given the bad start the team has had and the added fact that Stimac’s contract has ended made the change in the lineup a must-have. Almost all mid-season transfers that Fenerbahçe Beko has undergone with the exception of Anthony Bennett have either sustained an injury or have not been productive.

A major point of comparison is that he is a similar player to Brandon Davies

Over the last 3 games Thomas’ performance:

A look at his FG shot chart in the CBA has been a much-improved picture, to say the least.

Video Breakdown of the most recent 3 games Thomas played in the CBA:

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All facts point out that this is a well calculated transfer and that Coach Obradovic will likely be able to use this players upsides during the next 10 game stretch to turn things around.

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