Trouble in Istanbul? What is going on with Fenerbahçe Beko

Well, last night did happen. This piece is going to be stating the obvious case. However, sometimes calling out that the king is naked does wake everyone up.

Obradovic has been scratching his head for the last few weeks both competing in the BSL as well as the Euroleague trying to gain his team to be more composed as well as trying to create more momentum to push the team.

Almost everyone knew from the start of the season that it was going to be that much more tough of a year with all the changes that were to happen but rather than shaking the waters up more, many did decide to stay quite.

We dug in to the lineups that Fenerbahçe Beko has utilized so far with their 5-10 record and being placed at 15th overall in the Euroleague.

Out of 175 variations of lineups that the team has utilized the most effective has been wherein K. Sloukas, M. Mahmutoglu, D. Williams, L. Datome, A. Duverioglu have played across 23:46 minutes while they have managed to rack up 19 FGs they also have allowed 14 FGs to opponents.

While the above is the most utilized the least successful lineup has been wherein K. Sloukas, N. de Colo, D. Williams, L. Datome, J. Lauvergne (while they have played the second most minutes with 19:41 they only managed to score a total of 36 pts but allowed 46 points) this season with persisting injuries of Vesely, Lauvergne, inconsistency coming off the bench from Dixon as well as Kalinic scoring midrange has been an issue.

most used lineup with success: K. Sloukas, M. Mahmutoglu, D. Williams, L. Datome, A. Duverioglu

2nd most used lineup thats allowed opponents – K. Sloukas, N. de Colo, D. Williams, L. Datome, J. Lauvergne – a total of 46 pts across 15 games while only scoring 36 pts (10pt diff. is huge)

After last nights loss to Zenit St. Petersburg eyeballs turned to bad performances and the lack of scoring as Westermann drew 0 points in the loss and frankly speaking Dixon, Duverioglu, Williams, Lauvergne all missed FG opportunities badly.

On the other hand here is another perspective, throughout the overall rotations in the game against Zenit the types of missed shots that have been compiled by Mahmutoglu, Westermann, Lauvergne, Duverioglu, and Kalinic point out how much momentum and opportunity they squandered (total of 15 possesional shots missed!)

This weekend Feberbahce plays against Teksüt Bandırma in Istanbul at Ulker Arena again however with this loss behind them and the added pressure that the entire organization faces its tough times ahead.

The post-game interview was telling as Coach Obradovic stated things can’t continue on as they are as he obviously meant to point out he felt like he hit rock bottom however if there is an underlying issue, guess we all will see how things turn out but the fact that a roster change is imminent.

If you’d like to check out the roster rotations and lineup analysis feel free to download the excel file here:

you can also find an extensive game report for the game located here:

Fenerbahce vs. Zenit game report EL 19:12

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