A Game analysis (Bamberg vs. Antep / Jan. 8th) BCL Preview

At Advance Pro Basketball tomorrow we head into a two-week hiatus and will be back right after the New Year’s day (2nd of January) however we wanted to take a minute to with all our clients, the competitions we cover and all those of you interested in the leagues we cover well and leave you all with a bit of a game analysis prior to our break.

Bamberg vs. Antep

It might seem like a mundane game but its the Group C matchup that will likely disrupt the rest of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) in the up and coming rounds for sure.

What the numbers tell us

we took a few added resources such as the BCL and RealGM numbers into account as well as adding our own head to head comparison in the mix.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 16.13.38

Field Goals - Brose Baskets Bamberg
Field Goals – Brose Baskets Bamberg – BCL
Field Goals - Gaziantep Basketbol - BCL
Field Goals – Gaziantep Basketbol – BCL

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 15.41.16Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 15.44.50

For those of you that would like to dig into the optimal lineups of both sides here are the 9 game stretches both teams has played so far that you can utilize as excel files:



Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 15.45.17

Video breakdown for both sides

conclusive outcome

It is a very high impact game that comes out of the Group C competition and while it does not look likely that it will disrupt the top16 teams it will in effect shape how rounds 14 and 15 will shape out to be played.

We highly recommend that those of you following the BCL keep a close look on this game!

If you like out insights and breakdowns feel free to contact us at info@advprobball.com for more insight.



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