FIBA Europe Cup’s Best Lineups Analysis

Here we go again, another Friday and another insight piece by our crew!

This time we took to FIBA Europe Cup and the 32 teams competing that are going through the process of playing hard.

We are basing our findings on solely the cup games the teams play and either on the first 5 or 6 game stretches that have been played.

Here is a breakdown of each team’s best lineup and the number of rotations used across 5-6 games till the 2nd round:


[infogram id=”d28e09dd-e42e-4721-a394-a9b7b229c2fb” prefix=”1mS” format=”interactive” title=”FIBA Europe Cup's Best Lineups Analyzed”]

you can download a copy of all the lineups that each team used through the following wetransfer link for your consideration:

Video Breakdowns of all 32 teams best lineups that scored the most points:

In no specific order

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