Doncic’s historical start continues

We took it upon us again to unveil how Luka Doncic has been fairing across the first 18 games of the NBA season.

Here are his overall numbers:

We also wanted to take a look at the assisted shots that Doncic has taken across the first 18 games, its astonishing to us that this aspect of his game, while not so much established as it seems, is a major impact point for the Mavs overall offense.

its also worth-while to have a closer look at how Doncic’s reaction time on defense has improved compared to last season. He has been getting much more involved in contesting the correct type of shots when defending as the number of possessions have increased from roughly 42 possessions in the first 18 games of last season versus 57 possessions so far this season across 18 games.

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