The NBA Breakdown (3) – Portland Trailblazers

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Portland Trailblazers

This was an interesting one to get into at the right time we hope. The Trailblazers just lost against the Houston Rockets as Russell Westbrook managed to rack up a triple-double in the process.

The added fact that Carmelo Anthony just signed a non-guaranteed deal with Portland and the fact that scoring power among other things are not going really well for the Trailblazers was a bit telling to put it kindly.

We took the liberty of breaking down the Trailblazers current situation as follows:

The team shot-chart:

Field Goals - Portland Trail Blazers

The Classic and Advanced Stats:

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 12.00.30


Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 12.00.38


Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 12.00.49

While the given fact that Lillard, McCullum, N. Little are doing the utmost best to impact offense the best way the bench contribution is too far behind both offensively and defensively to pull in solid back to back W’s night in night out.

Lineup Analysis:

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.41.14

we had to look at things from a positive approach point when it came to the lineup analysis. While initially, the top lineup of Portland was way too behind in terms of +/- figures and minutes played were above +60 minutes when looking at the initial more impactful scoring and the defensive option we came across:

Lillard, McCullum, Hood, Little and Whiteside as the optimal lineup for Portland.

Now it is likely that there will be people and peers of ours that will disagree with this assessment but we take into account both ends of the court and when the added fact that deterring the ball on defense for Portland is so lacking its only inevitable that the above lineup becomes effective even more.


The Argument of bringing in Carmelo Anthony

While management has been talking with Anthony since the beginning of the season, the coaching staff have been looking and waiting for Rodney Hood to pick up on the defensive end much more. While there has been major improvement form the wing on the defensive end the offensive side of Hood has been an issue which has brought on the factor of Anthony becoming a truly viable option.

Taking a look at the defense of Portland’s optimal lineup:

The obvious case of deterring shots in the context of incoming wings and guards from either end and the added fact that Rodney Hood not being able to adjust in due time has been brought to our attention.

Hood vs. Anthony 

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.38.43

OK in all fairness and assessment, Anthony has not been in the league the last season and his numbers are based on his performance from when he played with the Rockets but it is still enough to explain the facts.

We see that while as a mid-range scoring option Anthony by far will fit in with the Trailblazers 3rd man option the more pressing case will be the fact that as a back to the basket scorer he creates the opportunity that Hood lacks in our opinion.

The NOT so much seen defensive DETERRENCE end of Anthony

League-wide Carmelo Anthony is not a good defender, that we agree on however, the notion of deterring the ball when he is on defense and ideally stealing are both detail areas that many we feel disregard since he is actually a major threat on offense but the overall fact that his close to the vest hand-checking, the added body banging all lead to his defensive prowess being worth taking seriously.


Its our opinion that Carmelo Anthony will likely take minutes away from Rodney Hood in the process as he finds a place with the Trailblazers. Will this make them a better team overall?

The storyline alone is enough to state the obvious that it will, however, the performance angle that we are much more interested in seeing unravel states that he will impact +10 wins at least this season.

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