Ilkan Karaman signs a deal with Cholet Basket (France)

The 6’9 forward/center combo born in 1990 has had a major up and down career since last year but he has always been a solid left-handed basketballer ever since he signed his first contract back when Tofaş Bursa was down in the TB2L back in 07-08 season.

Ilkan is a player we definitely like. He does not fit any specific mold and benefit that he is a lefty and can do versatile things that make his game that much more appealing to a wider audience.

We dug into our internal video archive and found a total of 266 games that we dissected.

Across these games his stats line turns up as follows:

Ilkan Karaman across 266 select games stats line

While it might seem like its not so impressive within modern basketball one element that analytics can really not uncover is how much effort or hussle really is placed onto scoring or defense.

Furthermore when digging deeper we checked his overall shotchart across all these games and here is what came up:

Field Goals - Ilkan Karaman

Outside the obvious fact that Ilkan being an inside scoring big, his range from three-point territory is not shabby at all. The fact that he has taken 45 shots across 266 career games from the top of the key does say a lot about his shooting range.

Below you will find videos of Ilkan’s last three games he played with Pınar Karşıyaka last season in terms of performance:

these have been furnished by our partners at InStat Basketball where we now have fully integrated a majority of our services

Ilkan Karaman Scoring:

Ilkan Karaman Rebounding:

Ilkan Karaman Assists:


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