Dutch Men’s players in the NCAA 19-20 season

It might have dawned upon you all that follow us that we recently took to our public site, sharing insight on a few Dutch talented NCAA players of Dutch origin.

Well, there is a reason we stand behind this. If you check out our IGTV channel closer you’ll see a compilation of what we similarly posted here too.


we want to elaborate on this phenomenon a bit more.

Almost every year over the last decade the Dutch have been successfully sending over top-level talent through a route that has landed min. 6-9 max. 30-35 players into various NCAA, NAIA or JUCO schools in the U.S.

Here is a list we uncovered while checking our internal system of Dutch players that have begun their 19-20 NCAA season with their respective schools (our intention is to keep checking in on their performances and share as much as possible of top-level players we can find time to share with you – our supporters!):

[infogram id=”dutch-players-in-the-ncaa-19-20-season-1h7g6k1oyx9o4oy” prefix=”RSe”]