Emmanuel Nzekwesi – From The Hague to Oral Robert University (Senior Year)

The former U20 Dutch national team standout “E-Man” as he is called by the coaching staff at Oral Roberts University, is a major asset and a big body. A former all-Texas state standout this young man is looking to bring major impact to ORU this season as they make a solid run against some major name opponents.


While Nzekwesi predominantly is a low post player throughout his three years at ORU he has made strides to shoot the three-ball as efficiently as possible. While its an area of growth we can see him getting into as he is nearing the end of his college career and likely turning professional.

A major upside with Nzekwesi is the shot-blocking threat that he presents in any case.


Here is a look at Nzekwesi’s game against OSU that ORU recently played, all stats are provided courtesy of InStat Basketball:

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 17.47.39.png

From the looks of it if Nzekwesi keeps up the strong build-up of his game this season the Dutch National team could make use of this big man as a possible asset for the near future.

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