The NBA Breakdown (1) – The Knicks

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So moving forward we will be doing our best to share unique content from around the NBA where our team as done work in the past.

As you all know; doing things or sharing things that are unique; is our thing so we will do our best to do so exactly.


OK, let’s be open about one thing, from the get-go, our ownership which includes Mr. Duran who is a special adviser for the Knicks wanted to kick things off with a sort of dive into what took place once the training camp was completed.

Off the bat, we can state that there are a few international players that the organization has tabs on and that across the season not much will likely change unless there is major reasoning to why but overall the Knicks have done all they could to sustain a potentially fighting team that can keep on developing.

So far into the pre-season games two games have been played both against the Wizards and here is a look at the squad and how they have faired so far:

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 12.30.38
check the team’s FGs out here!

While as expected Marcus Morris has been standing out as the scoring leader so far, he racked up 19 pts and he is emerging as a hard nose team leader the way that Coach Fizdale wants this group of guys to be seen for.

On a further note, RJ Barrett the Canadian rookie while a lot of people have been stating is raw talent, we strongly feel is going to impact the team much more positively than expected. He currently is in 2nd place in terms of scoring behind Morris and on average leads the team in minutes (+37 minutes) too.


A Lineup Analysis insight

We do not want to go too crazy yet before the season begins, however, we have been testing our Scoring versus Pressure (SvP) index out a lot and we also have been testing how much Pressure versus Scoring (PvS) in terms of indexing is also coming to respective teams in the process too. To keep it plain and simple a given specific lineup can do a solid job of defense more than naturally and can also be effective in the process stop ball movement or even take it to another level to cause turnovers and counterattack when needed.

The lineup we’d like to share in regards to the above PvS situation would be – Trier, Ntilikina, Knox, Gibson, and Ellington (bare in mind that this 5 have played during one game across the two the most):

It’s worth stating that this lineup has only allowed a total of 5 points against their opponent. The more critical recognition point that we look at in detail is the number of various lineups utilized during one or a number of games to place the pressure on opponents. Well given that a total of +30 variation of lineups were utilized and this one managed to play 4:33 minutes, in itself is a very good indicator. As a final note, it also good to recognize that this lineup scored 15 pts against their respective opponents.

The Knicks Roster based on average min. played:

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 13.03.20.png

To shortly conclude, the Knicks might have had a seemingly disappointing off-season having lost the acquisition battle to their city counterparts but we strongly believe that they will be a solid group of guys that the MSG crowd will back and like to watch.

we would like to share that all footage and insights shared are aimed at only pointing out performance. All you see is entirely copyrighted material of the respective broadcast providers, teams and the NBA itself!



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