Landstede Hammers won the DBL SuperCup against ZZ Leiden

The SuperCup game of the DBL was a great start to the season.

This piece is a breakdown that we have come up with that we hope provides insight into how the teams performed and hope indicates what they will be up to in the opening week of the league.

The video breakdown of how Landstade won:

With regards to the way that Landstede played the game their top lineup of:

J. Johnson, M. Walker, S. Dorsey-Walker, M. Kherrazi, N. Dahlman scored 33 points across the game.

While Landstede capitalized on 97 possessions offensively, Leiden only managed to create 91 offensive possessions and in a league like the DBL the mere difference of 6 possessions was more than enough for Landstede to impact the game.

The top scorer for Landstade was Jordan Johnson whom scored 26 points in total, it will be interesting to keep an eye on him:

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