How Turkey lost to the Czech Republic and now face classifications!

It was just sad to watch the Turkish NMT be defeated by the Czech Republic which were clearly the underdog team of the Group.

This piece is a insight on how Turkey played out a lackluster game against Satoransky and the Czech Republic.

Here is a full breakdown of the entire lineups of the game that were played out on both sides:

The best player for the Czech Republic turned out to be CEZ Nymbruk Forward – Vojtech Hruban:

In a further approach what caused the Turkish NMT to lose the game were ineffective shots from the field.

All Missed Field Goals of Turkey.png

Missing a total of 37 offensive possessions against the Czech Rep. was plain bad decision making of players.


When looking at the overall 2nd best lineup of the Czech team T. Satoransky, B. Schilb, V. Hruban, O. Balvin, P. Auda the five player that outright scored 34 points against Turkey took care of business:

In our opinion, another point of critical failure came from the fact that uncontested shots for the Turkish NMT did eventually hurt them in losing the game.

Cedi Osman, Melih Mahmutoglu, Scottie Wilbekin, Metecan James Birsen and Doğuş Balbay missing the following shots charted below even 2 or 3 of them could have gotten them back into contention across the game (a total of 10 possessions of missed opportunities).

Uncontested missed shots by Turkey

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