Basketball World Cup 2019 China – Day 1 – Lineup Analysis

Here is Day 1 of the Basketball World Cup 2019 that began being played out in China.

Below you will find a statistical +/- stats line of the winning team as well as the accompanying video of the points scored by the lineups that won the game.


In Poland’s opening stand against Venezuela, AJ Slaughter and the Polish side did not disappoint!

Serbia is one of the title contenders to the World cup and the NBA patented talent they have came in hot!


Russia played a solid game against Nigeria which came in hopeful.


Puerto Rico stunned Iran with the nail biter of the day to get the “W”.


Another solid team was Italy during day 1 that by far played against an NT (Philippines)  that is to us not equipped to handle the European power.


Yet another title-contending team are the Spaniards and with the firepower as well as experience of playing by far the longest among most of the World Cup teams it was no surprise that they took a win against Tunisia.


South Korea was blown out of the water by the South American powerhouse that is Argentina.


Here is the China vs, Ivory Coast Best lineup stats-line and video:

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 19.09.09