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Ignas Brazdeikis – A gamble at Draft pick #47 for New York Knicks


Ignas “Iggy” Brazdeikis, a Lithuanian born Canadian player out of Michigan University caught everyone’s eye during the Vegas Summer League games when the Knicks took to the floor showcasing their young talented core group of players.

Iggy has been a tremendous player throughout High School and he equally impacted the Michigan program in the best possible during his time in Detroit.

Having checked our system we came across 40 games that we broke down and his stat-line turned out as follows:

We simply could not believe our eyes so we began to dig deeper into Brazdeikis’ last year during his NCAA career and here is what we further uncovered in terms of ON/OFF numbers:




Digging further we uncoved an amazing shotchart and also his offensive and defensive PNR charts too:

Shot chart across 40 games:

Defensive PNR protection:

Offensive PNR plays:

Video Breakdown:

When looking at Brazdeikis, it is worth noting that he is not just an offensive gun but also does tremendous work on defense too.



It was only fair of us to compare Brazdeikis with another former New York Knick that decided to take his career back to Europe after his NBA stint so we checked out Kuzminskas and here are the astonishing results:


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