Yiğitcan Saybir – A new breed of Power Forward

Listed at 2,03 meters, Yiğitcan Saybir might not seem like your prodigy. However, his skill set, composure, defensive intensity, shift in momentum and the degree of difficulty that he competes at all come across that he is growing in to be a different type of player overall.

During this summer Yiğitcan competed with the U20 Men’s National team and here are some On/Off court advanced stats:

Yigitcan Saybir U20 Tournament Advanced Stats

Across 6 games that he competed in, to us the most impressive standout case is a new counter that we have been working on. Scoring vs. Pressure (SvP). While it has been said that this can not be implemented as an analytics measure we have dissected into it an have come up with an overall top score of 200 by which players can be measured. Yiğitcan in 6 games managed to record an average of 122 SvP.


Overall, Yiğitcan had an impressive season last year (2018 – 2019) for Anadolu Efes in the Turkish BSL as well as while playing in the Turkish Cup games, here are his advanced stats from last season:

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 21.14.20

When we dug into Yiğitcan’s career so far we came across 56 total games that he competed in that we were able to work with.

Here are some insights on his Field Goals and his Pick & Rolls broken down:


Field Goals - Yigitcan Saybir
Yiğitcan All FGs across 56 games (above +320 possessions)


Here is a look at Yiğitcan’s P&R (offensive shot chart):

Yigitcan Saybir _Anadolu Efes SK_ (1)






We wanted to check if Yiğitcan with his performance from last year was close to one of the up and coming players that we already broke down and we compared Yiğitcan to Berkan Durmaz whom we already had given insight about, here is the outcome:

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 21.20.46

What stands out about Yiğitcan and what he can improve on more?

Yiğitcan’s skill set is not only unique for his size but in order to be an all-round basketball player in this day and age, he needs to work on skill sets that can make him stay unique. One such point is the fact that he has a knack to steal the ball, here is a short breakdown across 56 games:


Another point that can keep Yiğitcan relevant and even a much bigger player as not just a mobile power forward but a star across Europe could be his defensive skill set overall, here is a look at what he can bring to the table:

As we close off looking at Yiğitcan one more than an impressive trait that we feel can make him a solid part of both the National Team as well as be a possible NBA level big are his skills surrounding offensive rebounding, here is a look at how he managed to grab rebounds:

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