Onuralp Bitim – a Superstar in the making

We need to take a step back and understand that Onuralp Bitim and where he comes from. The son of Mustafa Kemal Bitim and the nephew of Mehmet Bitim both long-time basketball journeymen that have impacted Turkish basketball in the 80s and the 90s. Onuralp has managed to carve a very nice career for himself till now with Euroleague and Turkish BSL team Anadolu Efes – a player development factory in itself.

Onuralp listed at 1,98 and usually plays as a shooting guard but has very high ball-handling and passing skills that make him a formidable asset.


This past offseason Onuralp signed a new deal taking him to Izmir where he will be playing for Karşıyaka Basketball.

This offseason he also competed in the U20 National Men’s Team competition and here are some extraordinary stats:

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 09.55.10.png

This past season Onuralp did not compete in the Euroleague games with Anadolu Efes but still was impressive not just for his scoring abilities but also defensively too.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 09.00.39


İts worth keeping in mind the Rebic recently was brought in to the Anadolu Efes training camp as a player to develop by the Anadolu Efes scouting team!

Across 100 games we have been able to find video footage and been able to tag here is what comes across in terms of his overall FG and PNR plays:

Overall FGs:

All Field Goals - across 100 games Onuralp Bitim

PNRs played:

Onuralp Bitim _Anadolu Efes SK_PNRs

Video Highlights of Onuralp Bitim (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

Defensive Skill Set:

Offensive Skill Set:

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