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Elijah Clarance

Den Bosch after having hired technical director Roel Van De Graaf has been amazing in getting in talent and finding them form all across the global basketball landscape.

Den Bosch has found a Swedish NT player.

Elijah Clarance is no exception to what Den Bosch has going on this season. After a good NCAA career (Illinois St.) and having played in a difficult college conference, he took his talent to Germany to play BBL basketball for Frankfurt Skyliners.

Across 49 games that Elijah has played the stats-line that he holds is as follows:

While the above proves that his strength is not just his inside slashing ability but his strength in hustling can be seen too.

His shot chart reads as follows:

Again not a major corner three-point shot taker but overall not a bad shooting chart to be honest.

To compare him to another player we went for the Matt Williams Jr. also a newcomer to the DBL.

Finally, in terms of being able to see a highlight reel, we would like to share footage courtesy of InStat Basketball:

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