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Josh Cunningham – hits the DBL out of Dayton


The NCAA is a vast pool of talent, no question about it. The number of players that come out of the system and seek an opportunity is pretty much endless. Coaches, executives, agents from across the board do their best to try and attract talent to their rosters.

ZZ Leiden has done a pretty good job landing Josh Cunningham. This 23 year old originally comes from the Chicago, Illinois area and actually began his NCAA career at Bradley (where Rienk Mast – will begin his college adventure).

At Advance Pro Basketball we dug into Josh’s NCAA career and came up with the following. His stats-line reads as below across 52 games played:

When looking further into this player here is a look at his shot chart across these 52 games:

 From this, we can grasp that while he is predominantly a heavy inside scorer when he has the optimal opportunity he does have the touch to take an outside shot.

The fact that he has not attempted any corner three-point shots does seem oddly disturbing but still can be overseen.

In an attempt to compare Josh Cunningham, it only made sense to dissect another new player that is hitting the DBL. It might be misguiding that the fact that Matt McCarthy the Australian center from USF. While I commend Donar Groningen and Coach Braal as always, have found yet another gem in a pile of players. This season in the DBL things seems to be close to open among a few teams making a push to do good things.

Knowing Coach Franke’s way of thought and knowing what he is planning to achieve this season, I am sure that Cunningham comes in as a big impact player and there are many expectations that he will be made use of very well.

It sure will be interesting to watch these two big bodies clash in the DBL this season given they both have very wide-ranging upsides and though they come from different NCAA paths.

Finally, here is a highlight reel of Josh Cunningham including both details of his offensive and defensive prowess (courtesy of Instat Basketball):

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