Ismet Akpınar a boost for Beşiktaş

This offseason, the trickle-down effect of what’s happened in the NBA Free Agency market has affected the global basketball market place a lot. A lot of people will likely disagree with the fact that that the above statement has had a cause and adverse effect on the European basketball market especially, but to us at Advance Pro Basketball facts are facts.

Ismet Akpınar, a long-time German BBL guard and German National Team player signed a deal with Beşiktaş this off-season taking him back to his motherland of Turkey where he has roots. While by far not just across the German BBL has Akpınar been an effective player, is hard work ethics and efficiency have always made him a likable player across the board. We had always expected he would make a G-League or NBA Summer League appearance. At 1,93 his length and size make him a real threat on both offense and defense. We have had eyes on Ismet Akpınar since the days he has played for Piraten Hamburg (he averaged 10.2 ppg across 17 games – 2009 which became interesting to us back then)

ismet akpinar2

At Advance Pro Basketball we have been a fan of Ismet for some time. Its due to this reason we wanted to dig deep and give our followers and the public some added insight on this amazing player.

Ismet Akpınar brings in an impressive stats-line over 124 games:

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 09.33.35.png

Upon request we also would like to share the following comparison between Ismet Akpınar and Maodo Lo (Bayern Munich):

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.26.03.png

While we’ll let the above charting speak for itself again, we did some shot chart work across 124 games (incl. NT, club and friendly games) Ismet Akpınar has played in and here are some results:

Field Goals - Ismet Akpinar (1).png

As a final part of our insight reporting, we dug into Ismet Akpınar’s offensive and defensive repertoire and did a bit of video work (courtesy of InStat Basketball)

Here is a full-length clip if Ismet Akpınar from both ends of the floor:

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