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Berkan Durmaz – A breakdown of his talent


Back in 2018 we did a kind of a deep dive into Berkan Durmaz as a rising star in Turkish basketball.

You can find a copy of that piece here: Berkan Durmaz

The past season has been somewhat of a good experience for the young forward and he has developed some added skills as well as grown not just in terms of his game but physically bulk too.

We dug into Berkan’s stats-line and across 99 games (incl. BSL, European cup games and friendly and NT games) here is what pops out:

Furthermore again upon request, we did a three-player comparison between Berkan Durmaz, Kelly Olynk and the recently acquired player into the BSL Bonzie Colson which we broke down and can be on :

Berkan has amazing upside in terms of just being 22 years of age and still given that his experience not just in the BSL but also with the NT is growing annually we definitely think that within a few years he will be a very skilled big that can cause damage to opponents on more fronts than he already is.

We also took a dive into his shot chart across 99 games that he has played in and here are the results:

As a final part of our work up on Berkan here is a compilation of his offensive and defensive skills with a bit more up to date footage (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

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