Adem Bona – From Nigeria to Karşıyaka

Turkey has been a hotspot for basketball talent development and attracting top-level players, even though the future of the overall BSL looks dim let’s face it the country is huge and talent development is relentless.

Turkay Çakıroğlu_400x400.jpgOne story that has recently been emerging from Turkey is that of Adem Bona. Born to Nigerian parents. He was discovered by an amazing Turkish Basketball Coach Türkay Çakıroğlu (allegedly the same coach that discovered Semih Erden – the current Center for the Turkish National Men’s Team among many other countless talents).




Since the naturalization of Bobby Dixon (a.k.a. Ali Muhammed) and other foreign players that have been utilized at the National Team level Turkey has seen the use of this structure. Adem Bona has been included in this case.

The story goes that Coach Çakıroğlu while coaching in Kuwait, gets a video followed by a call to scout this young talent that is extremely raw. Than brings Adem and his parent over to Turkey and takes a personal interest in developing this talent.


A 2003 born player, Adem has amazing attributes. If a comparison is really necessary then consider Adem a Turkish/Nigerian version of The Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo). A real threat that can explode and slash to the rim given his length and abilities. It should be taken into account that unlike many of those in his age range he only has really been developing his craft for the last 3-4 years and tremendously.


Recently Adem and his family took the decision to move to Izmir where he now is a part of the Karşıyaka Basketball Club (KSK). In a recent Turkish Club Cup Championship game, Adem recorded 10 blocks in a single game.


So far in part due to the style of plays and sets, he has been learning his inside scoring is amazing but shot decisions from behind the arch or close to the three-point line are still a work in progress.

Here are some Highlights surrounding his NT tournament plays (courtest of InStat Basketball):


Adem’s unique defensive attribute BLOCKS (courtesy of InStat Basketball):

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