What Greg Whittington can bring to Galatasaray Doğa Sigorta and the (Turkish Basketball Super League) BSL

I had the chance to scout Whittington the first time at the Orlando Summer League and then when he played for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He is a solid all-around basketball player and for his size, he has lots of abilities that can lift up a good team to a solid team down the playoffs.

Galatasaray Doğa Sigorta signs whittington

With the addition of Whittington the roster for Galatasaray Doğa Sigorta will be as follows for next season:

Goksenin Koksal
Can Korkmaz
Tai_Jack Webster
Aaron Harrison

Caner Erdeniz
Greg Whittington
Ege Arar
Yigit Arslan

Marko Arapovic
Ayberk Olmaz
Zach Auguste

Coach: Ertugrul Erdogan

Looking at Whittington’s shot chart from last season in The Israeli Winners League there are a couple of things that stand out. While the obvious fact that he has a solid inside game from the post he has the knack of being able to score from the outside. He especially has been able to develop shooting from the corner and an overall three-point percentage of 41.5% overall.

Field Goals - Greg Whittington

Here are highlights of Whittington from the past season during his last 5 games (courtesy of InStat Basketball)

Galatasaray Doğa Sigorta is considerably a mid-level team when it comes to the Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL). To be frank, Coach Erdoğan always has been able to pull off amazing surprises and Galatasaray has done its best to keep the core of their roster intact from last season. Whittington being a good locker room character has the ability to make the team rise to an improved level.

Like many BSL teams, Galatasaray is doing their best to equal out having domestic Turkish players and enough imports that can impact enough “W”s.

With the influx of G-league players and NBA players dropping out the league Whittington is a prime example of the type of solid players that have been moving around a lot within the global basketball landscape.

I have the distinct feeling that Whittington will have a breakout season if he can keep utilizing the time he is given by Coach Erdoğan positively.

I am eager to see if this former G-League potential heavy player makes a leap.









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